In Conversation with ‘Of An Age’ Stars Elias Anton & Thom Green

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On the heels of releasing Goran Stolevski‘s feature directorial debut You Won’t Be Alone, Focus Features has once again teamed up with the filmmaker for his second feature, Of An Age.

Set in 1999 Australia, the tender coming of age story follows 18-year-old Kol (Elias Anton), a Serbian-born budding ballroom dancer with his whole life ahead of him. When his friend and dance partner, Ebony (Hattie Hook) is unable to attend their final competition, Kol calls Ebony’s older brother (Thom Green) to help. On the drive, Kol and Adam connect, and there’s an intensity to their relationship that Kol doesn’t seem ready for. However, it’s one that will change his life.

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Initially set over the course of a single 24-hour period, Of An Age does a fantastic job of showing the long-lasting impact people can have on each other, even if they only interact for a fleetingly brief period of time, and how the main character comes to terms with being queer while also facing prejudice regarding his Serbian heritage in the late 90s.

Of An Age, which is now playing in theaters, made its debut in Australia over the summer as the opening night film at the Melbourne International Film Festival. It then went on to claim one of Australia’s most coveted film prizes at CinefestOZ.

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Instinct caught up with leading stars Anton and Green to talk more about the film and their characters, the chemistry they built between each other, and the challenges that came along with their roles. Check out the full video interview below.

Elias Anton (Nikola “Kol” Denic) & Thom Green (Adam Donnegal)…


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  1. I had the pleasure of seeing this gay movie at an early screening & loved it. Can’t wait to see it again in the theaters with a couple friends.


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