‘In from the Side’s Alexander Lincoln on the Aftermath of Coming Out

Earlier this year, Alexander Lincoln casually replied to a fan who expressed their confusion about the sexuality of the actors in the gay film ‘In from the Side’.

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“I loved the movie, and its actors are very handsome, but I still think that the actors are posing as gay, but they are not. Is it my doubt?,” the fan expressed. And to that, the 29-year-old British actor simply responded:


“I’m not straight,” followed by a heart emoji.

What was supposed to be a casual reply to a fan became headlines to numerous outlets though, and Lincoln recently opened up about other people’s reaction to him coming out. During his interview with Attitude, he was asked if he expected such a big reaction, to which he admitted:

“Not at all.”

“My mum called me up and was like: ‘So… you’ve come out?’ [Laughs] Not in so many words, but sure, yeah,” the actor shared.

(c) Instagram: @alexander__lincoln

He further explained that it’s all because of his nature to make things as crystal clear as possible, expressing:

“It’s one of those things. I often don’t think about what I’m saying, half the time! You say something in passing. I don’t like to be mysterious and vague about things. I don’t like to make people think I’m presenting myself in a way I shouldn’t be. So, I felt this obligation to say something about it. Which I don’t regret. But [suddenly] it’s everywhere.”

Moreover, after the success of ‘In from the Side,’ Lincoln revealed that he now has an American manager, and teased that “there’s way more US stuff coming in.”

Source: attitude.co.uk

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  1. LMFAO he says “I don’t like to be mysterious and vague about things.” yet doesn’t say if he’s gay or not just that he isn’t straight. Could you be more vague. If you’re gay just say you’re gay dude. Or if you don’t like talking about your personal life just say so.


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