India’s Citizens Rejoice At First Dehli Pride Since The Historic Supreme Court Ruling

LGBTQ residents and allies celebrated the decriminalization of homosexuality in India earlier today.

Just two months after India’s Supreme Court ruled that the colonial era law Section 377 was unconstitutional, the city of Dehli was graced with a joyous pride parade.

Thousands participated in India's first pride parade since that historic court ruling (though the 11th in history). Many marchers chanted “We Got Our Freedom” while waving rainbow flags or signs with messages like, “Love Wins.”

"It's the first time we are not marching as criminals," said parade organizer Deepti to AFP.

"People are marching with freedom and zero burden," she added.

Now with India joining 119 other countries who have all legalized homosexuality, parade participants are noticeably walking with a spring in their step.






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"This parade is about happiness, happiness and happiness," said participant Deepanshu Goswami to AFP.

"It will take one more generation for a social acceptance but the fear factor is gone. I'm enjoying my life as a free citizen now," he added.

Check out some photos from the event down below.






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