Indonesian Mayor Believes LGBT People are Possessed

The mayor of Padang, Mahyeldi Ansharullah, has ordered the arrest of LGBTQ people with the help of the Indonesian Army because he thinks that LGBTQ individuals are all possessed by demons or the devil, according to Pink News.

Ansharullah said that existence of LGBTQ people is due to "the influence of jinn, devils," and that people have been fired to exorcise the demons out. While I would love to be possessed by the devil, I don't appreciate the insinuation that gay people are only gay because of an evil spirit.

In addition, he is making sure that children adhere to strict gender roles, such as boys not being able to play with dolls and that men should not dance elegantly to ensure that people don't "turn gay" and is not in favor of women advancing in society.

This is a case of classic misinformation or bad education related to LGBTQ topics. I haven't studied up on LGBTQ rights in Indonesia but something tells me that non-heterosexuals are not looked upon favorably and may be met with homophobia frequently. To prevent things like what the mayor of Padang is doing, education should be provided so that people can familiarize themselves with LGBTQ individuals and realize that they're not any different than anyone else. I hope this mistreatment ends soon, because these things tend to snowball. 

h/t: Pink News

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