Instinct Digest – December 17, 2018


Here are some of our recent most read stories,
original pieces you won't find anywhere else, 
and others we feel need to be shared again.



Mississippi Schools Legally Allowed to Ban LGBTQ Students

The idiocracy is mind-blowing. See who else they currently ban.



Was Full House Hiding A Gay Character All Along?

Why Derek Boyd Is The Child-LGBTQ Representation Of The 90s


Hunky Wrestler's Charity Donations Turned Away

Organization says it couldn't accept funds because of how they were raised.

Trailer For Upcoming Biopic 'Mapplethorpe'

“In church I found God, and then Polaroid led me
straight to the devil”


Trans Woman Killed in Michigan, Pastor is Suspect

Weathers shot and killed Ms. Stough, fled the scene,
and clocked in at his other job.

San Diego Pride's Preparing To Write A Huge Check

Who do you think will get the extra money from Pride?


Gay Sex Tax Proposal Postpones Hearing

The grounds for the tax and who proposed it are quite questionable.


We've had some people state that they are not seeing us as much on Facebook.
It's mainly to do with their algorithm and the fact that we post links to our stories
which takes people away from Facebook and they don't like that. 

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Top Chef Kentucky is Full of Smoking Hot Men!

Tom Colicchio is just an added bonus to the amount
of yummy meat this season.


Jinkx Monsoon and BenDeLaCreme Are SLEIGHING the Holidays

Where to see their show 'To Jesus,
Thanks for Everything! Jinkx and DeLa'


Bollier (KS) and Tadlock (OK) Change Political Parties.

Do agree with their reasoning. One is LGBTQ based.


Gay Couple Calls For Barbie Same-Sex Wedding Set

What was toy maker Mattel's response to their wishes?

Streaming Stat Topped By Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

This is real life and it's not fantasy. Which artist
can brag about the top overall streaming spot?


Dancer Goes Viral with Mariah Carey Holiday Classic

Exclusive interview with the woman who is sleighing the Internet


Travel Thursday: Why San Francisco’s Food Scene Rocks

Come hungry, leave happy. And that's what we did!


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