Instinct Digest – November 26, 2018


Here are some of our recent most read stories,
original pieces you won't find anywhere else, 
and others we feel need to be shared again.




Taiwan Votes Against Marriage Equality & LGBT Education

Public referendum offered mixed results for LGBTQ people


Real World Alum Revealed He's Living With HIV

Danny Roberts Doesn’t Want Your Pity


Gay Widower Denied SS Benefits Even Though Married

Together 43 years, but government is denying survivor benefits

Leslie Jordan is EXPOSED as the Hardest Working Gay on TV

How earning an Emmy for Beverley Leslie on
'Will and Grace' almost ruined his career


Alfonso Cobo Discusses Making Forbes 30 Under 30

The Unfold co-founder feels "surreal" about it all.


12 LGBTQ Web Series That Aren't About Gay Hookup Culture

From 'Addicted The Web Series' to 'Carmilla,'
'My Gay Roommate,' and more.


16-Year-Old Arrested For Threatening Two Boston Gay Bars

But can the young person be changed by this experience?

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Taron Egerton On Whether He Came Out As Gay

Is he or isn't he? Did he or didn't he?


Catching Up With Fisher: Talking EDM, Life, Being An Ally

"We need more heterosexual advocates, and we
need the community to be represented more broadly
in the media."


Auckland Pride Parade Receives Pushback For Police Ban

"(It) appears to be driven by a small and
vociferous minority in the community."


When Older Meets Younger On Grindr

Music video explores dating app hookup between daddy and teen

Generational Tensions and Queer Narratives On HIV/AIDS

What are young men learning about sex in the PrEP era,
Serosorting, 'Inevitable’ Transmission, and U=U.


'Sabrina' Star Gives Thanks By Getting Sexy In The Kitchen

"I heard you were thirsty…."


Going Home To A Closeted And Homophobic Holiday?

Have your relatives watch this must-see TEDx Talk
"What Children Learn From the Things They Aren’t Told."


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