Instinct Digest – October 22, 2018



Here are some of our recent most read stories,
original pieces you won't find anywhere else, 
and others we feel need to be shared again.



Should We Mix This And That For a Good Time?

When Viagra and Poppers are brought to bed,
can bad things happen?


Mile-High Club Moment Grounds A Flight Attendant

The mid-flight romp with Austin Wolf went viral.
He's profiting while flight attendant loses job.

Beautiful Boy is Something Everyone Needs to See

Steve Carell & Timothee Chalamet excel throughout


Podcast Asks Bisexual Black Men About Life In South Africa

"You will never hear about someone talk about them
being bisexual. So I never really thought it was a possibility."


Hunky Chris Cuomo To Congressman: "Come Body Slam Me"

Buff CNN host says he'd welcome the bully's attempt


'Proud Boys' Founder Defends Using The Word "F*gg*t"

Gavin McInnes says it's just a word people use in a fight


Progress In Making Schools Safer For LGBTQs Slows Down

Improved inclusivity in high schools seems to have plateaued


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Get an Up-Close Look at the ‘Drag’ Race Pit Crew

We aren’t just tuning in for the shade of it all.


'The Golden Girls' Now a Funko Multigrain Cereal

They're selling out FAST, though …


Drag Queen Storytimes Are Causing Opposition Nationwide

The library is OPEN and people are not having it


A Hate-Filled Banner was On Display in Northern Ireland

"No Irish No Gay" was seen hanging on an overpass
in Ireland, spreading a message of hate.


Teen Assaulted Because of his Perceived Homosexuality

A fifteen-year-old was beat up because his classmate thought he was gay. He's not.


Cate Blanchett Defends Straight Actors Playing Gay Roles

Do you agree with the way the Oscar winner
reasons this, or do you think she's out of touch?


Gay Traveler Mikah Meyer Is on a Three Year Journey

He hopes to break the world record for visiting
all U.S. National Parks in one trip


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