Instinct Premiere – Aris & Jeneen Terrana Reflect On America’s ‘Social Eruption’ In The New Single ‘Freedom’

Like so many of us, New York City based recording artist Aris is ready for change this November 3rd. As we lead up to Election Day, plenty of us have been using our voice online or already in the voting booth, and Aris is using his in the best way he can right now as well. His new single “Freedom” teams him up with Nashville transplant Jeneen Terrana to deliver a soaring civil rights anthem for 2020. Speaking of issues ranging from systemic racism, corruption & intertwining them with images of nationwide protests, Aris & Terrana implore each and every one of us to have our voices heard in only a way that these two dazzling vocalists can. 


As the country prepares to quite possibly go through major change this November, Aris spoke with me about the changes he has been going through recently; 

“The most pivotal relationship of my life thus far ended abruptly after four years. It’s been nearly the greatest loss of my life, second only to the loss of my mom (who passed away in 2012).” Aris reveals.” When the relationship ended, I was forced to face my own fears, and my outdated expectations about what my life would look like by a certain age. The biggest work came from focusing on self care, being open about my struggles with mental health, and truly learning how to trust my intuition without allowing others to diminish my voice or choices. If I could offer one thing to those that are hurting after a recent loss, it would be to allow yourself to get into flow of living so you can be open to all the amazing new things you will find instead of hyper-focused on what’s gone. Believe in love even when love doesn’t turn out the way you expected. It will continue to lift you if you let it!”


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