Instinct Premiere – David Hernandez Lets Freedom Reign On His New Single “Kingdom”

Throughout his catalog, David Hernandez’s singles run the gamut from party anthems to achingly heartfelt ballads. The lead single from his album Kingdom however, is something totally different for the American Idol alum, as the track tells the tale of a relationship that Hernandez allowed to totally decimate his world. Hernandez discloses that has actually been a part of several relationships where he has sacrificed both his self-worth and mental health for the sake of the relationship-and he does not think he is alone.

“I think it’s safe to say most of us have had lustful relationships or hookups where maybe we weren’t thinking too clearly. Where we were doing things we normally wouldn’t do or acting in ways that made us look crazy.”

Kingdom is a haunting ballad full of hope, but the lyric that Hernandez relates to most is the verse, “I’ve always held onto my reign, but I’ll put my Kingdom in your name, cause you’re taking over me.” “I have made the mistake of offering up everything I have worked so hard for to another person,” he shares from his Los Angeles home. “Looking back now, I can finally recognize how sad and pathetic I was.”

Art Courtesy-David Hernandez


Hernandez wrote “Kingdom” with Sarah Thiele, Hanna Madison Taylor and Katie Stump, bringing along friend and collaborator Daniel Braustein, who does double duty on guitar and drums. The end of the track has a gospel feel of sorts, and Hernandez brought in six vocalists for the background choir to give it a truly authentic feel. In a nod to his Idol roots, Hernandez brought along fellow Idol contestant Blake Lewis, who checked in with his patented and signature beat-boxing skills. 




Throughout it all, Hernandez has taken some definitive lessons from his experiences.  He wistfully says “We all learn and grow from our experiences. One of the greatest lessons I have learned is how all is fair in love and war.”

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