Instinct’s Top 10 Favorite Viral Videos Of 2013!


As we try to brainstorm resolutions for 2014 that don’t begin with cross and end with fit (not enough time to cruise with that workout!), we search for ideas, launching points, anything we can grab onto to improve ourselves in the New Year. Though those efforts are certainly noble, what we really love about this end of year-transition time is looking back throughout the past year to identify how our lives were actually improved through the work, passion and creativity of others. As members of Instinct’s editorial team, we look forward each and every year to cutting out the chaff and celebrating the diamonds that shined brightly throughout the past year. The bountiful and landmark year of 2013 certainly made our work cut out for us, but these gems stood out above the rest as Instinct Magazine’s Top Favorites!




Knowing HIV Campaign

In a world encumbered by an ADD epidemic, it’s more difficult than ever to get people to pay attention ESPECIALLY when the topic at hand is serious and/or necessary. The Impulse Group figured out a way around the obstacle with the “Knowing” PSA reminding audiences of the importance of HIV testing by adding a healthy dose of sex appeal. Now we're paying attention.(Jonathan Higbee)




The Gay Christian Mingle


Funny or Die always does us proud when it comes to highlighting hypocrisy. And anytime you can throw in a little Cheyenne Jackson, you’re really doing us proud!  (Jeff Katz)




Rambo But Gay

Modern classic Rambo was already pretty sexy in a gruff, testosterone-overdose kind of way, but John Serrato’s musical retelling starring Mario Diaz is somehow much sexier. (JH)




Carrie Marketing Prank Frightens NYC Café Customers

Contrived spooky prank vids were a dime-a-dozen in 2013, but this spine-tingling set-up from the marketing team of the Carrie remake created a new gold standard for viral marketing. (JH)




College Baseball Star John Mangum Twerks in the Locker Room

We reached our limit on twerking during MTV’s 2013 Video Music Awards, but we’ll never tire of John Mangum’s shirtless locker room booty shake. The fact that he might be a cliché offensive jock only makes us want to ogle the video even more in spite. Delicious spite. (JH)




Spencer’s Home Depot Marriage Proposal


We knew the home improvement store was a staple for our lesbian friends, but when a surprise marriage proposal took over the wood department, Home Depot forever became our store. Not to mention this flashmob helped educate the masses to the bouncy brilliance of one Betty Who! (JK)




“Wrecking Ball” Parodies

It was clear from the moment Miley Cyrus rode in on a wrecking ball in the instantly-infamous music video by Terry Richardson that a million YouTube parodies were soon to follow. Some were sexy, some creepy, some hilarious, but all were entertaining. Here’s one of our favorites, but head here for a round-up of some others that stood out: (JH)




“All American Boy” music video from Steve Grand

This was a good year to be Grand. Back in July, an unknown pop-country singer posted his music video online and hoped some people might stumble upon it and like the song. Next thing you know, Steve Grand is everywhere. Good Morning America. Instinct’s Leading Men cover. Countless blogs. But it all started with “All American Boy,” a catchy, honest tune about a boy falling for another boy. And from that first swig of whiskey, we were all hooked. (JK)




“What Does The Fox Say”

In 2013, we finally received an answer to the most important and pressing question that's plagued humanity throughout history. Or did we? (JH)




Tom Daley Comes Out


Britain’s golden boy reached a new level of notoriety this fall after posting a heartfelt confessional on YouTube, announcing that he was happily in a relationship with a man. The onslaught of media attention that followed was huge (10 million-plus views will do that), but the diver seemed to take it all in stride, going about business as usual in and out of the pool. The five-minute clip was also the latest in a string of high-profile athletes to come out as of late, showing that gays can rule the sports world just as much as the next jock. (JK)


What do you think of our selections for the best viral videos of 2013, Instincters?

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4 thoughts on “Instinct’s Top 10 Favorite Viral Videos Of 2013!”

  1. Tom’s coming out is far far

    Tom's coming out is far far far from deserving to be the #1 video. Come on people 

    just bc u have the hots for him and it took his 15 minutes of fame ending  for him to come out doesn't make him number 1 

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  3. I had never seen Knowing…it
    I had never seen Knowing…it was moving and beautiful. The Carrie thing was so fucking cool! And our Tom, how proud he makes us. Good choices all…I still don’t give a damn about the fox or anything to do with the Cyrus woman.


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