Interracial Couples and Mechanical Arm Among Emojis Set to Be Released Soon

Have you ever wanted to express yourself through emojis but never had the right ones to do so? Ate a waffle for breakfast but lacked the waffle emoji? Use a wheelchair or hard of hearing? Or, most exciting for me, in an interracial, same-sex relationship? Emojis have definitely made progress with including almost everyone except for disabled people and people in interracial relationships, but, thanks to a petition launched by Tinder, new emojis that reflect modern life will soon be available, according to Metro Weekly. This a refreshing change of pace from that homophobic (but unofficial) emoji that was making its rounds in Twitter.

The petition on that Tinder launched brought up a good point when the person who created it wrote “While emojis for people of color and same-sex couples both became a reality in 2015, one group of people is still excluded from emoji representation: interracial couples. Isn’t time all love was represented?" Because of this petition that had over 50,000 signatures, emoji creators decided that it would be a good idea to make interracial and interracial same-sex couples emojis.

I too wondered where the the interracial emojis were, considering that I'm in an interracial relationship myself. I don't typically use the couples emojis (I'm partial to the eye rolling one) the but it's nice to know that I will soon have the option to express my relationship through Unicode. 

Interracial same-sex couples aren't the only new emojis being released. In addition, there will be representations of disabled people, such as a deaf person, a person in a wheelchair, and a blind person walking with a cane. In my opinion, disabled people also deserve to be represented because they are frequently left out and marginalized. 

A waffle, ice cube, and an otter, among many others, are also included in this new emoji update that should be coming to multiple platforms later this year.

h/t: MetroWeekly

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