Intersex Now an Option On German Identification

For years in Germany, intersex people have had to either lie or opt out of selecting a gender identity on official documents, but now, because of a law that was passed in December, they can legally identify as intersex, according to BBC.

Intersex people, to put it simply, are people who were born with reproductive anatomy that does not fit the traditional definitions of male and female. Because of this, they are neither just male or just female, but are a combination of both. Luckily, now intersex people can mark "diverse" on the sex requirement on official documents, indicating that they are intersex. 

However, a few other countries have now approved laws that recognize intersex identities, such as Austria, New Zealand, India, Canada, and Malta. 

Historically, intersex people have faced stigma, discrimination, and even forced "corrective" surgery in order for them to appear either male or female. By allowing intersex people to identify as such, Germany took the first step in decreasing the stigma surrounding intersex identities, which will hopefully stop the discrimination altogether. 

h/t: BBC

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