InTrend Spring 2013: Flare Is In The Air

As always, the spring runway shows were all over the board. From Gaultier showing a fabric lobster worn as a shirt to more than a few fashion houses showing nightgowns (yep, you read that right) as “outerwear,” it’s easy to leave the runway scratching your head. Where do we go from here?! 

We dove in deep and read between the lines in order to bring you the top four trends we can expect to translate onto the streets near you this spring. While the fashion kings definitely have their own point of view, the one commonality among them this year seems to be a fever for flare. Gone are the days of the “urban dandy” and Americana throwback trend of subtle classic looks. 2013 is taking us to the future in technicolor. Look for bold patterns, quirky nods to times gone by in bolder, exaggerated iterations and above all else, the message is to take a few risks and have as much fun as possible. With that in mind—we bring you our guidebook to Spring 2013.

Busy Bottoms 

Get your minds out of the gutter, boys—we’re talking about patterned pants here. This season we couldn’t get enough of the variations of trousers that came down the runway in repeating graphics, bold tartans and contrasting stripes. Whether slim fit or in voluminous versions (another trend that will be gone before it came—see: don’t bother),  this look is all about getting attention below the, um, waistline. To make this look your own consider blocking your outfit all in one or two colors. The consistency in tone will help the pattern stand out without looking like you’re rocking clown pants. Think bright, fun and casual. While definitely not a boardroom look, this style means business. Go big or go home, kids.

(Band of Outsiders, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Duckie Brown)

LL Cool Gay 

You might not have been raised on the mean streets, but if you’re anything like me you at least have a little J.Lo flavor deep down somewhere. I, for one, am still Mikey from the block. If the runways this season have anything to do with it, you’ll be sippin’ Gin n Juice with Snoop Lion in no time. Think of this trend more as a tribute than an imitation. It’s Brad Goreski meets Notorious BIG. Hip-hop style is known for it’s big statements and even bigger jewelry. Rock a cluster of gold chains over a buttoned-up look or tilt your brim ever so slightly while sporting your ultra-preppy tennis outfit. It’s about incorporating quintessential hip-hop styles like multi-color camo, chunky jewelry and sports logos, while having fun with it to bold up otherwise classic outfits. As long as you keep it to one or two signature pieces (at the very least, you can rock sneakers!) you really can’t go wrong. 

(3.1 Philip Lim, Dsquared2, Kenzo)

The New Nirvana 

He smelled like teen spirit and most of us spirited teens would have sniffed up whatever he was giving. For children of the ‘90s, Kurt Cobain was a zeitgeist fashion moment. Now, nearly 15 years after the grunge explosion, a new brighter more-graphic version of the classic Seattle style is in full force. More about how you style your clothes as opposed to which clothing you wear, this look is about layered loose pieces over body hugging shirts and pants. Wear a classic rock T-shirt with an almost-neon plaid button up tied over one shoulder and cinched at your chest. Rock chunkier boots but add patterned laces, or wear a simple button up open with a striped tank underneath with two or three necklaces. Think Johnny Depp 2018—on the way to Whole Foods. Again, this isn’t a dress like 1990 costume party. Take one or two elements of the look and incorporate it into your own every-day look. 



(Todd Snyder, General Idea, 3.1 Philip Lim)


Prep Pop 

This is definitely one of the most common trends on the runway this season. We are talking almost comically preppy ensembles. Think sweaters tied over your shoulders, saddle shoes, polo shirts and parted hair. Is that enough? Of course not. To capture the trend, add a dash of sass to the mix with bright colors and over-the-top volume. Look for cable knit sweaters with collars so wide they practically fall off your shoulders (see Burberry Prorsum below) and polo’s in tech fabrics that stretch and cling in less than traditional ways. While the runway versions may be way over the top, just like the grunge trend above the translation to your real life comes in small manageable doses. Just a little bit of prep will add some real pop to your personal style. 

(Canali, Burberry Prorsum, Gant) 

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