Introducing Colorado State Rams’ Out Football Player Kennedy McDowell

Kennedy McDowell is Colorado State Rams’ defensive end, and he is an out and proud gay man even before getting recruited by the football team.

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McDowell hails from Frisco, Texas, and he enrolled at Colorado State University early to be able to participate in the spring 2023 practices. According to The Athletic, he has been out since eighth grade, and he even has a Pride flag draped around his shoulders in some of his official team photos.

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During an interview with the outlet, McDowell shared his hope to encourage other gay athletes to be their authentic selves, especially in a sport like football, which is considered as America’s most popular and “masculine” sport.

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“I want to be who I am. And I want to inspire other people to be who they are, too,” the defensive end player expressed.


Moreover, McDowell is only in his freshman year, and he has a bright future ahead for his football career, as he’s already “seen some action this season,” according to Out Sports. The outlet also noted that “he’s got a shot to have a huge impact for the Rams both on and off the football field.”

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Not to mention, McDowell is now among the Division I football players who are out, including Byron Perkins, Xavier Colvin and Mason Darrow.


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  1. I read this as a gay player joined the Rams NLF instead of the Colorado State Rams. I was so excited to have a gay Rams player since the Rams are my homophobic dads favorite team. Still, I’m glad he’s being an example for other gay athletes of the world. Not to mention he’s easy on the eyes.


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