Iranian Muscle God & Instagram Star Facing Steroids And Illegal Knife Charges

Yakiboy- Instagram

I had never even heard of Yakiboy before I read this story today, but I almost broke my fingers trying to get to my phone so fast to get to his IG! I mean, Dayuuuuuuum! 

Now I know not everybody likes tattoos. If so, then he might not be for you. However, it works for me. As long as all the ink is dry and he doesn’t leave any unwanted stains all over my sheets – we’re good.

Hypermasculine imagery and pseudo bad boy personas are all the rage on Instagram, but as it turns out, Yakiboy might not be just posing. His bad boy-ness is apparently quite authentic as the 30-year-old, 6 ft 4 inch, hot Iranian muscle God, famous on IG for hiding his pepperoni behind a slice of pizza, has run into some trouble with the law.

According to Daily Mail UK, Yakiboy pleaded guilty to possessing five various types of steroids and an exotic “Scorpion knife.” I mean, what’s the big deal with the knife? How else would he be able to cut those perfect pizza slices? Duh?

NSW Local Courts / Suspected Weapon

When police raided his home and found the knife, they classified it as an illegal weapon but Yakiboy, whose real name is Hossein Balapour, claims he was going to use the knife as a prop in a Japanese themed photoshoot. I mean, sure, why not? A Samurai sword would be my first choice, but, hey, what do I Know?

At 30 years old, Yakiboy has nearly 300,000 Instagram followers who love to follow his antics and provocative, damn near-nude pics. They don’t seem very phased by his legal troubles, and they’re leaving him positive posts of encouragement. 

Yakiboy – Instagram

Everybody loves a bad boy, and everybody loves pizza, so there you go. With Yakiboy, you get both, along with the bonus fantasy of imagining what it would be like to eat his whole pie. YUM!

h/t: Daily Mail/UK

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  1. Seriously? I can’t imagine any real life situation where I would consider hooking up with this guy. He’s a 6’4″ tall nightmare.


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