Is A 37-Year Age Gap ‘Love Against the Odds?’

Aaron & Mike in their episode of ‘Love Against the Odds’

When I was single, in my mid to late 20’s, my search filters on Tinder and Grindr always ended at age 55. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with dating outside of your age as long as you’re both legal adults and mature enough to handle a relationship.

Plus, I’m sure there’s more than a few of you reading this article – myself included – with a zaddy/daddy kink. Then there’s chronophilia, defined as having the sexual preference for the elderly. Honestly, who cares what your preference is or what makes your heart skip a beat as long as it’s safe for both partners.


We, especially as gay people, face so many hardships for loving who we love. Same sex relationships, same sex inter-race relationships, trans relationships… Unfortunately, there’s always going to be a percentage of the population who hates us just because we’re not cookie cutter heterosexual.

So, why give another gay couple any sort of grief?

A new docuseries showing on Channel 4 UK explores relationships that are out of the norm.

Love Against the Odds‘ description reads:


Introducing a new digital series that celebrates and shines a light on love stories across the UK. These couples have overcome prejudice, trauma, struggles and misunderstanding to show that even when the odds are stacked against them, love can conquer all.

The latest episode of Love Against the Odds features Aaron, age 29, and Mike, age 66, and highlights the 37-year age gap in their relationship. 

The 10-minute episode featured below paints a picture of their relationship. How they met, how they fell in love, how their relationship progressed, their struggles, their triumphs and all the stupid questions they get asked on a weekly basis. Namely “is that your son?”

My thought is simple. Aaron is married in his 20’s to Mike who’s in his 60’s. How lucky Mike must be to have found true love so young, and how lucky Aaron is to have FINALLY found true love.

Wishing you all the happiness in the world, gentlemen. 

3 thoughts on “Is A 37-Year Age Gap ‘Love Against the Odds?’”

  1. Thank you for seeing us and acknowledging us as more that just sugar daddies and their “babies.” I’m in a 10 year relationship now, married for 3, with a man who is also 37 years younger than me. We have incredible fun together.

  2. I don’t personally understand people wanting to date well below their age. When I was in my 30s, a very hot, barely 21 guy was interested in me. I enjoyed mentoring him and we slept together a few times (legitimately slept) and I was attracted, he was very, very hot in the same way I thought the Nick Scratch actor on Chilling Adventures was hot when he was 23/24 during the first season.

    But by and large, I prefer guys in my age range – and obviously, as I’ve gotten older, so has that age. I can’t conceive of dating someone who’s 20 something, no matter how sexy or muscular or whatever. But agreed, to each their own. If someone isn’t harming anyone else, and it’s a mutually consensual relationship, more power to ’em!

  3. I personally don’t understand the attraction but if they love each other and are happy good for them. I’ve been on the gay dating scene for a while and have had mostly hookups. But I have a lot of friends in long relationships so maybe it’s just me lol.


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