Is ‘Big Brother’ Contestant JC About To Be Evicted?

Has Big Brother contestant JC Mounduix finally gone too far?

The 28-year-old apparently has fans ready for him to be ousted from the 20th anniversary season for his antics. has reported on a recent live feed conversation between contestants Tyler Crispen and Kaycee Clark.

Crispen (who is straight but an ally of the LGBT community) let it be known that he was tired of JC cuddling with him while he tries to sleep.

"JC is not sleeping with me tonight," said an adamant Crispen. "He like, forces me to the side so I'm like in this much bed," signaling to the edge.

"I don't mind cuddling up with somebody if their cold, but if someday has a lot of body heat… JC has a lot of body heat," he added. "I hate being hot at night."



Now, we think its great that Crispen is cool enough to not have a problem with a gay man crawling into bed with him, but we’d also be chapped if we weren’t getting enough sleep.

Additionally, folks watching the 24 hour live feed have seen JC (who’s openly gay) touching, cuddling and making inappropriate moves on Crispen while he slept.

Fans have taken to social media to say it’s time for the Florida resident to get booted from the Big Brother house.

One fan said the only reason JC is getting away with a lot of his antics is because he’s 4’8” and “looks like a child.”



Another fan expressed aggravation that JC seems to be getting a “good edit” from the network.



And this isn’t the first time JC has raised the ire of fans.

In past weeks, he’s attempted to touch females housemates' genitals with an ice cream scooper saying, “Open your vagina – it feels good” as his fellow contestants protested.

And its not just the women in the house JC is touching inappropriately.

He also approached Crispen while he was getting a massage and cupped his genitals saying, “This is my kind of party – I wanna help!”

Even before the current season began, Mounduix was making waves in the media when YouTube personality Austen Fletcher interviewed him at L.A. Pride where he defended Donald Trump.

“I’m just not going to be one of those ignorant people going around screaming, ‘Boo Trump’ and stuff when actually good things are going on right now for gay people thanks to him,” Mounduix told Fletcher in a video that has garnered almost a million views.

“All gay people should focus exactly on what’s beneficial for us,” he added. “If we just go around screaming, ‘the president is bad, blah blah blah,’ that is not okay. Because why? Because Trump is pro-gay.”

We've previously written about the Cuban-born cutie here.

Let’s hear from Big Brother fans – is it time for JC to get the boot?

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  1. I don’t understand how this

    I don't understand how this kind of reality show is still popular. Contestants do nothing but eat, sleep, say meaningless things and some arguments here and there. There are much more interesting formats out there than BB with actual action and physical exertion.


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