Is It Time To Come Out? Check Out These Coming Out Books

The demographics of our readers are quite varied. We have readers from every age spectrum and even a healthy percentile identify as female.  One statistic we do not collect is "How Many Are Out?"

How many of our readers are sitting on the fence, waiting to break free, choosing that moment to proclaim they are member of the QUEER community?  The closet is a lonely place and the door can be heavier for some than others to push open. 

What was the catalyst that helped you enlighten yourself and the world as to who you are?  Was it because you attended a Pride?  Was it finally losing your virginity?  Was it having to deal with too many family holidays with the family answering questions as to why you're single and when are you going to bring a girl home?

Knowing that we are not alone helps us internally justify who we are.  There are others out there that think like us, live like us, and love like us.

Something that helped me deal with preparing to come out and become more comfortable with myself was reading the stories of others.  I jump at the chance to share stories of coming out, like the ones from  I know they will help others for they helped me.

Here are some more involved resources for those that are looking for some help getting over that fence and out of the closet.

It Gets Better

Edited by author, columnist, and activist Dan Savage, this is a collection of essays and testimonials written from people of all kinds to teens in an effort to comfort and advise them as they struggle with bullying, coming out, and questioning their sexuality. The overall message and name of the project is the titular ‘It Gets Better’.

Frankly My Dear I’m Gay: The Late Bloomers Guide to Coming Out

Rick Clemons is an author, blogger, podcaster, and speaker. He offers this book filled with his own experiences coming out, managing a divorce, raising kids as a gay parent, and how to date and be in a healthy relationship. As a memoir or as a self-help book, you’ll find honest and amusing thoughts and advice for those in a similar situation.

Coming Out: I Think I’m Gay ~ The Ultimate Guide to Self-Acceptance, Coming Out, Building a Support System, and Loving Your New Life ~ ( How to Come Out of the Closet )
Available for the Kindle, this book is a resource for anyone questioning their sexuality or who has questions about what it means to be gay, coming out, dealing with homophobes, building a support network, accepting oneself, and much more.

Coming Out: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered: The Complete Guide to Coming Out of The Closet, Finding Support, and Thriving in Your New Life (Am I … i think i’m gay, self-acceptance Book 1)
Coming out of the closet is often an emotional, important event in a person’s life, and it’s something you do for you, not others. Depending on who you’re coming out to it could be a big deal or not, be well or badly received, and really completely up to you whether or not to do it. This book offers advice for how to handle the process of coming out to family, friends, and peers and what to do afterwards.

Head over to Queerdeermedia for its recommendations of the TOP 21 Coming Out Books.

Do you have a resource to hand down to others?


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