Is Jake Atlas Joining The WWE?

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Looks like Jake Atlas might be moving on up in his career, folks.

Back in 2013, World Wrestling Entertainment gained its first openly gay wrestler in Darren Young. And now, six years later, it appears that it’s gaining its second.

According to several wrestling and sports news sources, Jake Atlas is being scheduled to join the WWE in January of 2020. While the WWE has yet to make an official announcement, devoted fans of Atlas and the WWE are celebrating.

Atlas’s career has been on the up since he won the 2017 Southern California Rookie of the Year award as well as several championships wins. In fact, Atlas has had a very successful career in the U.S. independent wrestling scene.

It’s through his connections with established indie companies and events like Pro Wrestling Guerilla and Defy Wrestling that Atlas has gotten the chance to go to the next level. Though, his time working as a “brand ambassador” for the WWE during the WWE-themed episode of Undercover Boss: Celebrity Edition also helped.

Last year, Los Angeles wrestler Jake Atlas came out as gay. At the time, Atlas shared that he stayed closeted for a while due to fear of rejection. It didn’t help that he found pushback at home and in the hyper-masculine world of wrestling.

“My mom would always tell me that no one would care and that I should keep it private,” he explained in his initial interview with the now bankrupt GayStarNews. “She said that it was nobody’s business. She said I should just live life hidden – but she doesn’t understand what it is like to be in these shoes. Wrestling is also a very masculine sport that is sometimes not the most progressive. I was afraid of any hate, backlash, and rejection from it. I was afraid that it would hold me back from achieving my lifelong dream of one day wrestling for the WWE.”

But after coming out, Atlas saw not only support but a boost to his career. He then announced, in an interview with one of Instinct Magazine’s contributing writers, his desire to be more connected to the LGBTQ community.

“I do want to get more involved with the LGBTQ community. Ideally, I’d like to be an ambassador to connect the LGBTQ community to Wrestling. I would love for Wrestling to have a face in the nationwide Gay Pride Parades. But, I’m not too familiar with more parts of the LGBTQ community. I don’t even know what White Party Palm Springs is. I hope I can be involved in the events in the future though. I unfortunately don’t even have gay friends. I wasn’t open about my sexuality for so long. I would occasionally venture to West Hollywood though to feel more of myself. No one cared or seemed to notice me. They were all drunk anyway.”

And while Atlas has certainly dipped his toes into the LGBTQ world, it appears he’ll also take a full nosedive into the world of professional wrestling. Namely, his alleged admittance into WWE. This is a great step toward Atlas’s professed goal of being “the first openly gay WWE world champion.”

We wish him all the best.

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