Is this the case of a Long Beach party gone wrong?

In October of 2017, Long Beach, California resident Zachary Kennedy went missing. His boyfriend of over four years, John Hill, initially did not think it was strange since he had a habit of lagging on plans last minute. But after five days of not hearing from Kennedy, his boyfriend went to the police and the search began.

Kennedy’s father, Jeff, told NBC News that changing or dropping plans abruptly was not uncharacteristic of his son:

He’d make a plan, then not follow through with the plan. But you’d definitely run into him [or hear from him] two or three days later. So, [John] wasn’t really concerned the first couple of days. But then when it hit [October 28], he filed a missing person’s report.

The night he was last heard from, Kennedy’s boyfriend was going to pick him up after he informed him he was going to a friend’s house before dinner. He never heard back from him.

Reportedly, Hill reached out to the friend who Kennedy was visiting and he said he had left before the night was done and claimed he was going to another friend’s house, but it cannot be confirmed if this is actually occurred.

No more activity was done on Kennedy’s phone after midnight on October 22, 2017.

Flyers with the 31-year-old man’s face went up around Long Beach, especially in the neighborhood of a home where Kennedy was last seen on 500 block of W. 8th Street near Magnolia—a place that neighbors say was a watering hole for sex parties and heavy drug use.


Just days ago, the FBI raided the home for a third time with an order to start digging in the backyard. Here is where they found a body buried and the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office took possession of the remains for further investigation.

The home’s neighbor told Long Beach Local News:

There was flyers and stuff on the telephone poles all around the neighborhood months before about a missing guy, who got missing—who was over there visiting and—

He had a lot of sex parties and stuff like that—he was a weird guy—and he was over there missing and there was like papers and stuff looking for him and it was all over the neighborhood and we didn’t think anything about it until of course the FBI came and they were there raiding the house the first time. They came back and raided the second time and never found anything. The third time they actually found a body.

From my bathroom window, like I said, you can see a lot. He has his living room wide open for us so we see—like over the years we saw sex parties, drug parties, you know we see them do drugs, we’ve seen them have sex, we’ve seen them do all kinds of stuff from out bathroom window we can see everything in his living room.

It was just men, all we saw was just men. Men—just looked like drug users coming in and out. He had a group of men some nights all in his living room doing various kinds of acts. We saw them shooting up drugs. We knew it was kind of some crazy stuff going on there, but we never knew—well, we kind of suspected—there was flyers of a missing guy. They were all over his house.

No word as to if the neighbors ever reported these drug parties to the authorities.

According to the Press Telegram, Kennedy moved to Long Beach from Pennsylvania about 10 years ago with only $13 in his pocket. His father, who has been actively searching for his son from afar, hopes that now that this body has been found, it would mean some closure for the family who has been worried for what could have happened to him.

No arrests have been made in connection to the case, but a single man lives in the home and neighbors claim he rarely comes out of the home.

Anyone with information in this case is urged to contact Homicide Detectives Scott Lasch and Teryl Hubert at (562) 570-7244. Anonymous tips may be submitted through “LA Crime Stoppers” by calling 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), downloading the “P3 Tips” app to your smart phone (available at the Apple App store and Google Play), or visiting

h/t: NBC News , Long Beach Local News, Press Telegram


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