Is Wrestling the New Gay Sport?

Out pro-wrestler Mike Parrow walked into his most recent four-way championship for National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) Wrestling with a rainbow flag draped over him according to Outsports. The bout was a championship commemorating the 70th anniversary of the NWA. Parrow, unfortunately, did not take home the win, but asserts walking out with pride was victory enough.

Parrow, who came out last year, has been very open about his relationship with fiancé, Morgan Cole. Earlier this year we interviewed Parrow and he shared:

I started to come out about 4 and a half years ago lately my coworkers have wanted me to share my story because I said I had no gay role models growing up, and I felt alone, so they encouraged me to share with the world.

I've had many athletes from different sports reach out to me and express their support, but I have not received any backlash from the athletic community. However, I did receive some backlash from certain parts of the LGBT community especially over my comments on masculine shaming. Which I understand, but my story wasn't to help people who were already out, it was to help people like me. 

Parrow’s openness about his identity is a milestone for the wrestling community. In a sport that has been historically homophobic, Parrow has now become a voice for an under representative minority. After receiving an outpour of support on Twitter for showing, once again, his LGBTQ pride, Parrow tweeted:

h/t: Outsports


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