Island Boys Like to Lock Lips on OnlyFans

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In the wise words of Alaska Thunderfuck during season five of RuPaul’s Drag Race, please stop immediately



Listen, we all watch porn or have at least caught a few clips in this lifetime. No shame, no punishment. Instinct Magazine is a judgement free zone… mostly. It’s no secret that there is a huge audience for stepfamily porn on the internet. You know exactly what I’m talking about. But this case blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, jest and incest. Let’s welcome The Island Boys back to notoriety, folks!

Heading into the depths of your pop culture memories from 2022, The Island Boys splashed onto the hip-hop scene with a cringe freestyle rap in their pool. Twin brothers Franky and Alex, who work under the stage names Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja, were just normal kids before their “song” went absolutely viral. They didn’t release an official version until the wave of hysteria was over, but if they did, they would have had Rebecca Black with ‘Friday’ success in terms of chart placement and sales. 


Let’s listen to my favorite remix of ‘I’m an Island Boy’ below. 

Since their initial brush with fame, the 22-year-old twins from Coral Springs, Florida have kept themselves busy with celebrity boxing events, internet documentaries, podcast interviews and solo rap records available on Spotify. Despite their accusations of cultural appropriation and numerous domestic violence charges against women, Franky and Alex have somehow kept their Z-list celebrity status alive. 

But this? This takes the cake. 


On Thursday, July 13th, The Island Boys announced that they had recently launched an OnlyFans page… and decided to advertise the platform by making out. As research shows, this was not the third or fourth or even fifth time the blood related, twin brothers have locked lips and played tonsil hockey. This is something they do routinely. Cue the accusations of gay bating, which are just as substantiated as their cultural appropriation. 

And the internet is going wild!


My information comes solely from Googling the phrase “Island Boys + OnlyFans.” There is no way I would pay whatever their fee is for a monthly subscription. It’s not because they’re subpar rappers. It’s not because they look emaciated and sick. It’s not because of the face tattoos. Hell, it’s not even about the incest! It’s because of their previous criminal history in regard to the treatment of women. 

It appears that Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja are far from shy on OnlyFans. They appear nude in solo pictures/videos and only post pictures/videos as a duo to grope themselves or make out. As far as my minimal research goes, it appears like they don’t do anything naughty together or with anyone else on camera. 


The internet burning to the ground and The Island Boys going viral once again for all the wrong reasons prompted them to make a statement to the press. 

According to Indy100, the rappers said:

We’re both straight males and kissing is not counted as a sexual act.

They also commented that outrageous content featuring the 22-year-olds gets exponentially more views than pictures/videos of them giving back to the community. I mean, they do have a point there… unfortunately. But I also wouldn’t lip lock with a relative to raise money!


I want to hear your opinions on this one, folks. Comment here and/or on our socials. Where do you draw the line? How much of a line has been crossed here? Do you subscribe to their OnlyFans page? There’s just… a lot to unpack, so I want to hear your thoughts!

Source: Indy100

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  1. Live and let live! If you don’t like them, don’t watch them! It’s not their fault society is so fucked up that they would rather watch 2 brothers kiss, so they have ammo to talk bad about them ! your doing exactly what they need you to. cause more attention so they can make more money. Its fucking genius


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