Italian Students Learned Their Math Professor Was An Adult Film Star

Italian students found out that their math teacher used to be a gay porn star.

Ruggero Freddi used to work under the stage name Carlo Masi and has appeared in multiple Colt Studios films.

After deciding to quit porn in 2013, Ruggero Freddi got a degree in Mathematics and has entered to life of academia as a teacher while sticking with his partner of 11 years, Gustavo Alejandro Leguizamon.

Even though Freddi has left the life of a porn model, he still enjoys sharing his body online. On his Facebook page, he flexed shirtless with a caption joking about his new teacher job.

Well, that video went viral and eventually found its way to the students of La Sapienza University of Rome.

Once one person linked to the school recognized Freddi for his old career in porn, that story made its rounds around the school. Then, an article in Republica, one of Italy’s largest news outlets, was published on Thursday.

Republica held a video chat with Freddi to get more of his thoughts on his past and the fact that students at the school now know about it.

“Some students reposted the photo in a few sites and from there my former life as a porn actor emerged. To be honest, it wasn’t exactly a secret.”

In terms of why he orginally got into porn, Freddi says its because Italy’s lacking economy drove him away from pursuing a career in engineering.

“Then I was offered to do a film in the USA. I thought, 'Why not?' A job that helps me earn more and is a more entertaining career.”

In addition, Freddi spoke with Gay Star News and shared that he was surprised by the public’s interest in his story.

“I knew sooner or later something was going to happen, but I didn’t expect something so big to happen. I thought someone would publish something and my students would talk about it for a while, but I wasn’t expecting the entire country to actually speak about it.”

Lucily, his story hasn’t turned sour after word got out. That said, Freddi hasn’t been back on campus since the story broke, so he doesn’t know if his job will get difficult yet.

That said, Ruggero Freddi is a confident man and feels no shame in any part of his life.

“I’m happy and proud of both my careers. They both reflect part of my personality. I was happy I was a good-looking guy and the world recognized this. I am very happy the world recognizes I’m a smart guy. They both reflect part of my personality."

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  1. I have seen Carlo Masi for

    I have seen Carlo Masi for many years in porn movies and I have always enjoyed looking at him. How good he is in what ever he does. So why now with a different name other than his stage name would make a difference? For me he still Carlo Masi the man that I always admire. Good for you Ruggero Freddi or Carlo Masi. You look better with the years. Too bad I didn’t see you for real when you were in USA. Or even when you traveled to other countries like Guatemala for example. 

  2. Back in 2007/8 when I really

    Back in 2007/8 when I really discovered the world of gay porn he was one of the guys I found by chance on Youtube. I have only watched like two solo videos of him though.

    He still retains a very muscular body and I'm sure some of his students may have problems concentrating on what he teaches. I know I would be too distracted myself…

    He's like the gay equivalent of Pietro Boselli with the advantage he is actually gay.



  3. Smart, hunky, out, proud, and

    Smart, hunky, out, proud, and a good husband — Ruggero Freddi is the total package (and I like his porn, too).


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