It’s The Way These Poly Men Eat Out The Papaya Seeds For Me

Images via TheCoconuetTV

So boys, you like to eat fruit? Well, do I have a some plump ones for you!

While TikTok is swimming in thirst videos on a daily basis, one particular video has found itself trending for its creative implications. But can you blame us? When you see the mouth action below, your mind will be wondering as well.


The specific video is both odd, exciting, and kind of normal in the grand scheme of things. Though, its DEFINITELY suggestive. Specifically, it shows a line of shirtless men getting down and dirty while taking part in a papaya eating contest. It’s a lot like all the other eating contests you’ll see. Whether it’s hot dogs, pies, or some other slightly suggestive piece of food, you can find plenty of videos where people inhale them like they’re air. But with these men going to town with their hands behind their backs, we can’t help but get some interesting ideas.

It was TikTok user @jelayneshelton that brought this video to the internet’s attention. “I’VE NEVER WANTED TO BE A PIECE OF FRUIT SO BAD IN MY LIFE,” she wrote the caption the video.


And, we thank her for posting it. Because now, we, and the rest of TikTok, CANNOT get these men out of our heads. The 46,500+ likes and 318,000+ views for @jelayneshelton’s video alone is proof of that.

But where did this video come from? According to the sleuths over at Pride, the clip comes from a TheCoconuetTV series called Game of Bros. The show depicted “the finest & strongest Pacific/Māori men of Aotearoa” competing in a series of challenges to prove who’s the best warrior. These challenges included deboning fish, carrying heavy tree trunks, hollowing out a coconut, and more. And even better, the full episode where the men dive into some suggestive de-seeding is available on YouTube. You can watch it below.

Source: Pride,