Jackée Harry Slams Eureka O’Hara with One Simple Tweet

This came from out of left field, but here we go! 

Legendary actress Jackée Harry, who is known for her roles on several hit shows including 227 and Sister, Sister, issued an inspirational tweet yesterday that read as the following:

"Real not only recognizes real, it also respects it. Love yourself. Be yourself. Everything else will fall into place."

In comes season 10 RuPaul's Drag Race finalist Eureka O'Hara with what appeared to be a simple tweet supporting what she wrote:

"I live for this," she wrote. This apparently didn't sit well with the Emmy-winner, who shot back with the following:

"Wasn't nobody talking to you." Oh snap! This of course made social media implode, with other Drag Race queens like Phi Phi O'Hara (who has an ongoing feud with Eureka currently) chiming in with her own response:

Jackée followed up that original remark with another statement, after a fan tweeted "I am here for the Jackée vs. Eureka" beef. Here's what she had to say:

"There is no Jackée vs. Eureka. It’s Eureka vs. The People. And we aren’t waiting on Omarosa – these tapes have already been released."

This made Eureka's enemy The Vixen gleefully put her two cents in:

It went further. Another fan tweeted "Lol Jackee it really amazes me how you really be knowing wtf be going on," to her. Here's what she said: 

"The tea is.. I wouldn’t even know that lady exists if it weren’t for Twitter exposing her." This may have to do with a video of Eureka that was unearthed last year where she repeatedly used the n-word, but nevertheless… Jackée isn't a fan of hers. 


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