Jackie Beat Talks Season 2 of ‘Dr. Jackie: Unlicensed Psychotherapist’

Image via OUTtv

She’s baaaaack!

Legendary drag queen Jackie Beat, who has been entertaining the masses over the years with hysterical song parodies and sharp-tongued comedy, is all dolled-up and nodding her head while pretending to listen in the highly anticipated second season of her hit show, Dr. Jackie: Unlicensed Psychotherapist. The six-part series premiered on OUTtv May 16 and will air each week through June 20 on Apple TV and the Roku Channel. 


Playing a failed actress with no prospects, Beat becomes a psychotherapist and uses every trick up her sequined sleeve to help her funny, famous, and fabulous “friends” navigate the rocky road of mental health. She may have only done a few hours of online training, but hey, she has a piece of paper saying she’s a “doctor.” Good enough, right? Why not put her natural gift for helping people to use?

The annoyingly thin and pretty Sherry Vine is also back as Beat’s adorable, but confused receptionist (we can’t believe she wasn’t fired!), and audiences can expect an iconic lineup of guest stars including Amanda Bearse, Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka, Jane Lynch, Michelle Visage, Bianca Del Rio, Lady Bunny, Ginger Minj, Debbie Harry, and more. 

The veteran queen took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for Instinct.

Hi, Jackie! Glad to connect again about Dr. Jackie: Unlicensed Psychotherapist. What can audiences expect from this new batch of episodes?


Me, looking gorgeous! But of course, that’s with the help of lots of makeup and filters (laughs). But I’m back, and audiences can expect to see me giving terrible advice to famous people with fake problems. I mean, it’s got ‘hit’ written all over it!

Image via OUTtv

And is there anything you ultimately hope they take away from the show?

Just the fact that iconic drag legend Jackie Beat is not only funny, but she’s an excellent writer and actor, too! I think audiences will be entertained, and hopefully they’ll laugh. Remember when that was enough? I think the show is pretty wacky and funny, but we have a TikTok mentality now where 15 seconds is what people are kind of accustomed to. If people enjoyed Season 1, I hope they’ll enjoy Season 2 just as much. 


For those who don’t know, how did the concept and idea for Dr. Jackie: Unlicensed Psychotherapist come to fruition?

I did this very short-lived online series called Judge Jackie, which was essentially a mashup of Drag Race and Judge Judy, but I felt that trope had been done to death. So, I decided to stop mocking the judicial system and start mocking mental health, and this was a great way to showcase all the hilarious people I know. Some more famous than others, the supremely talented people who have studied improv, people who make me laugh, and a bunch of my drag queen friends.

This season has an all-star cast, which includes Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Lynch, and Debbie Harry. What was it like to work and collaborate with such big names?

Most of them are actually my friends, so it was great fun!


Then we also have your drag sisters like Bianca Del Rio, Alaska Thunderfuck, and Trixie Mattel.

Yes! Thank goodness I have incriminating photos and videos of them, so they really can’t say no to me. 

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How would you say Dr. Jackie: Unlicensed Psychotherapist has evolved since Season 1?


Season 1 was 90 percent improv and 10 percent scripted. Season 2 is the exact opposite. I truly think this new season works better, and it was much easier to edit and feature a lot more plot and hard jokes. 

Any thoughts on Season 3?

I just sacrificed a goat to make it happen! Just kidding – as a vegan, I find that joke triggering, offensive, and not funny (laughs). But seriously though, I hope we get a third season because I have some hilarious sessions and even more fabulous special guests in mind.

Even though this show is fun, comical, and quirky, it puts drag in the spotlight. How important would you say that is right now?


Honey, I’ve been doing drag for 35 years. She’s been in drag and in the spotlight before it went mainstream!

Before we wrap up, are there any other upcoming projects or anything else you would like to mention or plug at this time?

Yes! If you’re not vegan, please do me a favor and sacrifice a goat to make the Jurassic Drag world tour happen. Starring Sherry Vine, Coco Peru, Varla Jean Merman, and myself – four legends for the price of one! Light a candle and say, ‘Dear ghost of Bea Arthur, please make this happen!’

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