Jake Wesley Rogers Pays Homage To His LGBTQ Heroes With His New Single

When famed Australian DJ & television personality Zane Lowe premieres your latest single on his Apple Music 1 show, it is safe to say that you are headed for some pretty big things. That is exactly what happened to Kansas City, MO born and multitalented Jake Wesley Rogers, who with a combination of honest songwriting& stunning and captivating vocals, it is no surprise that he has recently been signed to Facet Records (the label founded by songwriter Justin Tranter) in partnership with Warner Records.


The origin story of Rogers’ new single ‘Middle Of Love’  is pretty simple; Rogers says “I wrote ‘Middle of Love’ when I began to notice that love was causing destruction all around me. I saw my grandpa dying slowly after the loss of his wife, I read about my LGBTQ+ heroes who were mostly all murdered or exiled, and I witnessed my own romantic relationship exploding in my face. When I finally sat down to write ‘Middle of Love’ with Justin Tranter and Eren Cannata, it was the perfect storm; all my guts just spilled out.” I had a quick chat with Rogers about his newly released (and terribly infectious) single and what fans can expect from the upcoming EP from this immediately engaging artist, who you will be hearing a great deal about very soon…

Michael Cook: Tell us about ‘Middle Of Love’ your latest release…


Jake Wesley Rogers: ‘Middle of Love’ is a very true story of my first really serious relationship. The fight in the first verse is about an actual fight I had at a Sonic Drive-in (lol). But more than that, ‘Middle of Love’ is a pure expression of my love, and how I feel it has hurt and healed me.

MC: When did you know the path you would follow was as a singer/songwriter/performer?

JWR: I knew pretty young that I wanted to perform. My parents took me to a lot of concerts growing up and I always just wanted to be on stage, doing what the bands were doing. I started writing songs when I was twelve years old and since then, I’ve been hooked. It’s my artistic expression of choice.


MC: Any hints you can give us on the upcoming EP?

JWR: Ooh, let’s just say: it’s out of this world. But it’s still in the solar system.

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