Jawbreakers Give Fans “Just A Taste” With Their Brand New Single

Dynamic duo Kali Forni-Kate and Sabrina Babyslut are not just drag sisters, they are producer/DJj hybrids delivering equally sickening beats and looks! Known as Jawbreakers, these Down Under dolls are dropping their first EP, aptly titled Just A Taste. Working in conjunction with Vicious Recordings-the very same label that discovered Avicci as a teenager, releasing his first ten records-the EP is chock full of the very same type of high-energy dance and and pop/tech tracks that Jawbreakers play live during their DJ gigs. Dropping the single “Boyfriend” first, the multi-location video showcases the dolls doing what they do best; dropping the beats and bringing the party! 

Photo credit: Brianna Da Silva (@bbds_)

Initially meeting at a Britney Spears tribute show in Melbourne, Kali & Sabrina discovered they had more in common than they could have realized. Both of them come from middle-class, nuclear families, as well as discovering their passion for drag in the musical theater world. As they both also shared an interest in musical production, they bought a mixer, and teamed up as a newly minted DJ duo. The name they chose “Jawbreakers” does have a little different meaning, with influences coming from both the candy from their childhoods as well as the cult film of the same name. “It’s a reflection on how the drag that we do is heavily inspired by pop culture,” Kali continues. “Like the girls in the movie, we dress to have fun and through the music we play and the energy that we exude, it makes everyone want to party with us!”


fWhile Jawbreakers’ unique look has put eyes on their music, Sabrina does admit that the struggle to be taken seriously still does pose a problem at times. “We’ve had straight DJs hit on us and others wonder who the random chicks were in the booth,” she explains. “But way more people have shown their support and their desire to see us succeed.” “We’re lucky to live in an era when queer culture is proving that we can be a force in any and every industry,” Kali echoes her partners positive words and defiantly says “Never underestimate what a queen can achieve. It only makes us work harder.”

Jawbreakers’ “Just A Taste” is being distributed through Extrovert Music and is available on Apple Music, Spotify and all digital platforms. The “Boyfriend” video will be available on YouTube on January 21.

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