Jim Parsons Serves Smoldering On Two Covers Of L’Officiel Fashion Book Hommes Australia

From portraying Henry Wilson in Ryan Murphy’s splashy Hollywood or inhabiting the role of Michael in Murphy’s retro-stunning The Boys In The Band, Jim Parsons is known for his effortless depictions of the characters he signs on to play. For the most recent cover of L’Officiel Fashion Book Hommes Australia though, Parsons is portrayed as everything from a dashing star of cinema to a 70’s era playboy, complete with boyishly foppish hair and Steve McQueen level fashion, a true departure from some of Parsons more buttoned up portrayals. 


Noted fashion photographer Mike Ruiz can be credited with remaking Jim Parsons from astute actor swoon worthy screen idol in front of his lens. On Instagram, Ruiz (who has vividly photographed everyone from Grammy Award Winner Tracy Young to comedian/talk show host Kathy Griffin) called it a “pleasure to work with the brilliant Jim Parsons”


In the interview, Parsons spoke at length about what it was like to portray Michael in the film revival of Matt Crowley’s landmark Broadway production. Parsons said “I loved playing Michael. He was an exciting puzzle to me that took time to figure out, to get to understand him and, to be frank, he was written with such complications that I know I would still be finding things to understand about him even now if I were still working on him. I developed great empathy for him and the tortured way he lived his life and, at some point in the process, I began to see more and more ways I identified with him – though I am very fortunate to live in a very different time in the world and don’t have to deal with so much overt-shaming.”


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