Jinkx Monsoon Sounds Off For Trans Individuals

Jinkx Monsoon, who snatched the crown on Season 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race has taken to Twitter to take a stance for trans individuals and non-binary/non-gender individuals. It’s definitely Monsoon Season because Jinkx went on a long Twitter rant explaining that they came out as genderless 4 years ago, but they feel the need to continue speaking out for those individuals who still need a voice and support.





Jinkx wants to set the record straight about how they identify—expressing that drag has nothing to do with gender.





This is not the first time Jinkx has been vocal about gender identity



Jinkx slayed the competition on RPDR Season 5 and has since had great success with their vaudeville and variety shows. It appears like Jinkx is ready to “begin the Drag-Haute-Bohemian-Revolution” as stated on their Twitter profile.

Way to show them that standing up for ourselves and others is like “water off a duck’s back”, Jinkx!

Ya'll can take a seat now!



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