John Cena Shows Off His Goods on the ‘Suicide Squad’ Set

Credit: YouTube

John Cena, who has been arguably one of the hottest stars to emerge out of the WWE over the past decade, keeps his fans thirsting for more with every outfit he wears.

The 42-year-old studmuffin was seen walking in an orange jumpsuit on set of the sequel to Suicide Squad earlier this week. No idea why his character was in that particular ensemble but his fat package was easily on display (thanks Cocktails and Cocktail for the yummy pics seen here).

John looked to be in a pretty amicable mood while walking around with one of the film’s crew members. His costar, Idris Elba, was also photographed on set looking equally as delicious as his hunky counterpart.

The WWE superstar got everyone talking about his privates in June 2019 when he talked about the accidental boners he gets during his wrestling matches.

“It’s something the body does, you just ignore it,” he explained to Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen while sitting next to actress Laura Linney. “Just ignore it. It’s what the body does. You can’t be blamed for that.”

Those “accidents” tend to happen a lot. Just look at a recap of all the times Mr. Cena looked large and in charge downstairs here.

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