Jonathan Bailey Pitches an LGBTQ+ War Epic Inspired by ‘300’

Jonathan Bailey may have done some iconic portrayals throughout his acting career, but apparently, he has yet to star in his dream project.

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And what may that be after playing the roles of Lord Anthony in ‘Bridgerton’ and Tim Laughlin in ‘Fellow Travelers’? Well, it’s none other than an LGBTQ+ war epic on the Sacred Band of Thebes, inspired by the 2006 film ‘300’.


“I’m obsessed with the Sacred Band of Thebes, an army of 300 gay lovers in [ancient] Greece. They partnered in pairs, this gay army, and they overthrew a Spartan army… I want to do that as a comedy,” Bailey shared in an interview with GQ alongside ‘Fellow Travelers’ love interest and fellow out actor Matt Bomer.

Meanwhile, Bomer expressed his interest on his co-star’s pitch. But wait, there’s more! The 35-year-old ‘Bridgerton’ actor further suggested:

“Just get all the queer actors together.”

They should definitely push forward with this pitch, as it already sounds EPIC. Who wouldn’t want to see queer actors portraying 300 Greek gay lovers?! We’re absolutely HERE FOR IT. In the meantime, Bailey and Bomer are starring as on-screen lovers in the V steamy LGBTQ+ series ‘Fellow Travelers’, which is available for streaming on Paramount+ with Showtime.


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  1. It would be a GAY war epic, not the other nonsense explained in this article. 🙄🙄🙄 Same with the GAY series Fellow Travelers.


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