Jonathan Bailey Shares Life-Threatening Experience for Being Gay

Jonathan Bailey recently opened up about a terrifying encounter he had with a man who threatened to shoot him for being gay…

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The 35-year-old English actor had attended an annual event for the LGBTQ+ organization The Human Rights Campaign in Washington DC the night before, and he decided to head into a coffee shop the next morning.


“I went into a coffee shop, and I was wearing a Human Rights Campaign cap from the night before. And the young lady who I was ordering from recognized me from Bridgerton, we were just chatting,” Bailey told The Standard.

He continued, 

“And a man arrived behind me and he said, ‘Are you famous?’ And I said something like, ‘I’m really famous for ordering coffee,’ which is actually quite an annoying thing to say.”

However, things took quite a turn for the absolute worst, as the man in question did something very horrible.


“And then he got my cap, and he pulled it off my head and he threw it across the room and he said, ‘get out of this f**king coffee shop, you queer,'” the ‘Bridgerton’ star shared.

He also remembered the room going still as the scene unfolded. Thereafter, Bailey picked up his hat to where it was thrown, and wore it back on his head. And to that, the man violently reacted:

“If you don’t take that cap off, I’m gonna f**king shoot you. Where I’m from, people like me kill people like you.”

Thankfully, a girl named Angela was courageous enough to stand firm amidst the life-threatening situation.


“No one knew what to do, apart from one girl, she was amazing. Angela, she came up, and she got her phone out and she said, ‘I’m recording this message, I think you are welcome in this country. And what you’re saying, I think, is appalling.’ That happened sort of five minutes in, and he left,” Bailey further recalled.

Furthermore, the actor asked where the man was from, and he was from Pennsylvania. On a lighter and more positive note, he also dropped a hint on the status of his love life, simply revealing that there’s “a lovely man.”

“It’s not secret, but it’s private. Having a private life is, for me, completely critical. I don’t know if I would be able to be as confident to speak out on other things if I felt that my whole life was up for grabs,” Bailey expressed.


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  1. What concerns me is that no one called the cops. Bailey’s life was threatened!!! That man could be charged with intent to do harm. One wonders if most of them thought, “Well some queer is getting his! So what!”

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