Jussie Smollett Tweets Inspirational Video – Calm Before The Storm?

Was rioting the thing to do? 

Was protesting the right response to the Trump Electoral College win?

What should the response be to the democratic process not turning out how we desired?

Here is one spot of wisdom shared by Jussie Smollett from FOX's Empire. 







Do stars know?  Shouldn't he just go back to singing and acting and leave the politicking to others?

Do Instinct bloggers know?  Of course not, but we'll throw our two cents in. I have in the past and will continue to do so.   After doing so, I had one Republican LGBTer call us …


Arrogant and rude I am a gay man with a spouse in a republican county and they are way more educated than you people playing this game. It's dumb and recognize your rights rather than trying to replay a game that one. Expand your horizons. The joke is you play every cock shot a celeb has had and now all of a sudden your experts in politics. You're all embarrassing to the 'community' that we all believe we need.


I did not respond to him with my academic credentials and degrees, but then again, why should I?  But there is the fact that we live in America, a democratic country, not a republic.  With that mentality, are we going to expect to get politically / physically gay bashed by other gay men?

Do we tell Jussie Smollett to shut up, sing and act and that's it?

Do we want just cock shots from Instinct, but bitch that's all we post, then bitch when one of the three bloggers post something different?

We all have voices to be heard.  We all have something to say. If you don't like what is being said, respect the idea that people can say what they feel and believe. That pesky First Amendment.

Bravo Jussie for speaking your mind and how you feel.   Is he saying there should be a calm before the storm?   Let's regroup and fight politically to keep our rights and gain the others we definitely need to be treated equally?

Should we just shut up and do cock pics even though personally, that's about 10% of my posts?

What's wrong with enjoying some peen and politics?

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