Jussie Smollett’s Making A Comeback

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As A Special Prosecutor Reevaluates His Alleged Staged Hate Crime, Jussie Smollett Dips His Feet Into Directing

If you thought 2020 couldn’t get anymore curious… Jussie Smollett is now setting the stage for his – comeback. Yes, the same Smollett who has been guilty by public opinion for allegedly staging a hate crime in Chicago almost two years ago has somehow convinced the higher ups that he is capable of directing a film.


According to Deadline, despite not having a verdict of Smollett’s innocence in his lawsuit, he’s going to be directing a film version of James Earl Hardy’s novel, B-Boy Blues. And production is already underway. If you are unfamiliar, B-Boy Blues is an African American, homosexual love story based in the ‘90s. Smollett is backed by a handful of investors, producers, and his management company, United Talent Agency. He’s previously directed two episodes of the series that shot him to stardom, Empire.

While one can appreciate a solid comeback – we’ve given Lindsay Lohan a million second chances – Smollett’s blossoming feature film directorial debut seems a bit off putting. He allegedly didn’t harm anyone but himself, but the media frenzy and attempted political divide he thwarted appears to be unforgiving. To potentially fake a racist and homophobic attack, and to still have that not be proven it actually happened, won’t be easily overlooked in favor for a black, male-on-male love story. Moonstruck was a critically acclaimed phenomenon. B-Boy Blues may very well be just that, but with Smollett attached, could potentially see a boycott. Check out the full synopsis of the film below:

“B-Boy Blues follows the tumultuous relationship between Mitchell Crawford, a 27-year old journalist, and Raheim Rivers, a 21-year old bicycle messenger and B-boy (banjee boy). They meet in a gay bar in Greenwich Village in the summer of 1993. The B-boy hangs out on street corners, cool and menacing. Raheim is the third B-boy in Mitchell’s life, but underneath the former’s tough exterior, Raheim is smart and talented and a loving parent to his five-year-old son. But Raheim has a violent streak.”

Will you support Smollett’s comeback and watch B-Boy Blues?

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