Just Months After Break Up, It Appears Ross Mathews Could Have A New Man

Just a couple of months since splitting with longtime boyfriend Salvador Camarena, television personality Ross Mathews seems to have found a new beat to his heart. Although it has not been officially announced, Ross Mathews appears to be dating Ryan Fogarty, a former production assistant for LeAnn Rimes, a source has told Instinct.

The source shares that the two have known each other for years and their communication began prior to Mathews splitting with Camarena. Fogarty was at the Miss America pageant when Ross was hosting, which was still during the Mathews/Camarena relationship.





See who's in the back at the yummy craft services table?

When we thought Ross was having the best year ever before—little did we know!

We have yet to see a couple photo or any indication that the two are an item, but if you track their last 3 months (like we have!), you can see that they are always at the same places at the same time. Is it a close friendship between two individuals who love travel? Or is there something else that the two just aren’t ready to put out in the open?

Here are the RECEIPTS:

During Mathews’ tour of Europe, he decided to take a detour and stay in Ireland for a bit longer…but he wasn’t alone.






When your flight gets cancelled you make the most of it by touring all of Ireland one Pub @ a time.  #notposing

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Found a picture of this place in Ireland on Google, so randomly decided to find it in real life. #yolo

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Another day, another flight. #naptime

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And it seems that Salvador’s side of the bed wasn’t even cold yet before Fogarty had moved into Ross’ home in Los Angeles and helping warm his second home in Palm Springs.






“Oh look, Palm Springs got an @hm…” : @helloross

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It appears that Fogarty also accompanied Mathews to Washington, Ross’ home state, to visit with family and have some adventures.





My amazing grandma (who we call “Bunka”) with most of her grandchildren & great-grandchildren! 93 & FAB!

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But what really seemed to seal the deal was Fogarty spending time with Mathews in his magical place, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. If you know anything about Ross Mathews it is that he has an incredible appreciation for Puerto Vallarta. He takes great pleasure in introducing friends to the location and spending time there several times throughout the year. It’s also where he can get the most writing done for his upcoming book.

Mathews and Fogarty rang in the New Year surrounded by friends, including Straight Talk With Ross co-host Nikki Boyer and her husband.





Viva la Me-Hee-Co.

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You had to hear the joke.

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Notice that the dolphin is covering someone up? The sunglasses on the head of the concealed person are positioned in the same way as they are in the photo below with Ross and Nikki. That's whaley intewesting.





Nikki & Ross on their honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta.

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Fogarty posted a heartfelt New Year greeting that suggests he had a transformative time in PV with Ross and his friends.

And then there are these hints that the two have found love





LOVE #thiswasnteasy

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There is no official announcement of the relationship between Ross Mathews and Ryan Fogarty, but fans have gotten wind that there is a new man in Mathews’ life. The bulked up adventurer seems to have stepped into Mathews’ life quickly and is fitting in swimmingly.

If they are together, it’s great to see that Ross is still trying to live his best life.

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  1. It’s called money. Cold hard

    It's called money. Cold hard $$$. I like Ross, don't take me wrong. But how could someone stand his voice if he's not being paid? cheeky It's always beauty and the beast and life is just unfair.

  2. Another opportunist from Palm

    Another opportunist from Palm Springs. This was probably going on while he was still msarried!

    • I know Ryan, and he’s based

      I know Ryan, and he's based here in Nashville, I've never gotten an opportunistic vibe from him. Nice guy, and yeah, that butt.


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