Justin Bieber Shows Off His Impressive Tattoos During Shirtless LA Outing

Credit: Justin Bieber Instagram

Justin Bieber spotted shirtless is about as common as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Especially when the two have one major thing that binds them together… they are both “Yummy” (insert wink emoji here).

The hunky singer was once again spotted sans shirt after hitting the DOGPOUND Gym in West Hollywood on Tuesday, January 28. Justin showed off his impressive amount of tattoos while wearing labels galore: a pair of white Gucci split patterned shorts over matching Calvin Klein underwear, Vetements x Reebok socks, and Supreme x Nike SB Gato sneakers (DailyMail has the pics here). 

His taste for expensive things, even when it comes to his gym wear, is nothing short of jaw-dropping. The Gucci shorts he sported retail for $950 dollars while the sneaks range from $150-$186 per pair. Who knew working out could be that pricey?

Justin, 25, who has always been in the spotlight ever since he made his big career debut over a decade ago, has been thrust back in it in a much larger capacity thanks to his new music and his just released YouTube documentary series called Seasons

He dropped a new song called “Yummy” days into 2020 beginning on Friday, January 3, much to the happiness of his adoring fans. It already has 126 million views and debuted at number two on The Billboard Hot 100 chart one week later.

6 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Shows Off His Impressive Tattoos During Shirtless LA Outing”

  1. I hate opinion headlines like this one expressed as fact. It’s opinion not fact. So, headline it as opinion, not as fact. Don’t go telling people who is “yummy”. It’s up to each of us to see whoever we each see as “yummy”. I for one am not at all into the Bieber. It’s lazy journalism to headline opinion as fact. It’s deception to headline opinion as fact. It’s also trying to brainwash people into seeing opinion as fact. Was this written by Bieber’s people to keep him in the public eye? Crass!

  2. Yummy… maybe his next song will be called Moist.That is the song of a 16 year old just starting out. It had that many views from curiosity and nothing more. Auto tune should be banned and lets see how many singers actually sing…

    That was not Yummy.

  3. Justin’s hotness peaked a few years ago, but really enjoyed the video. Were all the elderly people in the video supposed to represent the Democratic candidates???


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