K.D. Lang Classics Get A Brand-New Dance Floor ‘Makeover’

Remix compilations are almost always a treasure trove of unreleased and sometimes, never before heard remixes by some of our favorite artists, and k.d. Lang’s breathtaking new album Makeover delivers that and much more from one of America’s most stunning vocalists. A consistently crooning chameleon throughout her career, the collection of singles that are given the remix treatment unearthed for Makeover are both familiar and for some, never heard before. The lush and tropical-esque remix of ‘Miss Chatelaine’ (aptly titled the ‘St. Tropex Mix’) is the first single released off of the album, with remixes by dance floor favorite Love To Infinity (‘The Consequences of Falling’) and Tony Garcia (‘Just Keep Me Moving’) are included on the package, with the compilation containing fifteen tracks total. The cover art for Makeover contains a previously-unseen portrait from 1995 by eye-popping pop culture photographer David LaChapelle.


Of the brand-new album, Lang says “I had the idea of putting together a dance remix compilation, as I mused about how we built community in those days before the internet, mobile devices, and dating apps. Those dance clubs were a key to a world, which was still called ‘underground’ in the ’90s. I also surprised myself by finding that there was a cryptic, sort of secret zone in my career, that hadn’t been explored, overlooked even by me. Two of these tracks had even hit #1 on the dance charts!”

One of the remixers showcased on Makeover is the celebrated and storied Junior Vasquez. Two of the tracks (‘If I Were You’ and ‘Theme From The Valley Of The Dolls’) were both produced by Vasquez in the mid 1990’s and were frequent and consistent favorites at spaces on Vasquez’s New York City dance floors and beyond. ‘If I Were You’ even peaked on the Billboard Dance Charts at #1. 

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