Kathy Griffin Flaunts Her Cutie Boyfriend And Takes it All Off

In a span of 48 hours, legendary comedian Kathy Griffin flaunted her hot as f**k boyfriend for the masses to enjoy and got totally naked outside of her pool… all on social media. In her world, as far as we see it, that's a pretty tame couple of days.


One of our favorite gay icons has made a sizable turnaround since the whole Trump mask fiasco that happened to her last May. Her Laugh Your Head Off World Tour has been a major hit for the 57-year old, as she's sold out iconic spaces over the past couple of months like Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall in New York City.

A simple photo of Kathy with her much younger marketing executive beau Randy Bick caused a ton of commotion for her when she posted it on her Instagram Wednesday.



‪Deal With It ‬

A post shared by Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) on



The caption from the post simply read "Deal With It," next to a nail-painting emoji. Her followers showered her with compliments about her amazing bikini bod and the hot dude standing next to her. Anyone who trolled what she was doing was pretty much shut down immediately.

As if that wasn't enough, Kathy took it all off in an effort to promote her upcoming shows. She playfully posed outside her pool while showcasing a bit of her backside, 




Werk. Werk. Werk. Werk. Werk Kathy. 


6 thoughts on “Kathy Griffin Flaunts Her Cutie Boyfriend And Takes it All Off”

  1. Kathy is a no-talent,

    Kathy is a no-talent, publicity whore.  And why anyone would want to be seen with or to pay money to see her, is unbelievable.   What a tramp.



  2. She’s got balls, that’s why,

    She's got balls, that's why, whereas between Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen there's only one.

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  4. Why does she get any coverage

    Why does she get any coverage at all? A couple decades ago, her humor was okay. But she wasn't ever anything major, and certainly isn't now. 

  5. Why are you following her.

    Why are you following her.  What has she done for our community note worthy to keep updating when she has a bowel movement.  I don’t get !! There are so many wonderful community individuals making a difference for our community focus on them. 


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