Kentucky Tax Preparer Posts Sign Against Married Same-Sex Couples

The sign posted on the office window of Aries Tax Service with a list of needs including “Homosexual marriage not recognized.” (Photo Credit: Fairness Campaign Official Twitter Account via Amy Mudd)

Located in Hardin County, Kentucky, Radcliff is over 40 miles southwest of Louisville and has a population of over 22,000 people.   According to the city’s website, it is due to Radcliff being adjacent to the United States Army base, Fort Knox that the “community’s diversity derives. This fusion of cultures creates a unique level of understanding among citizens, facilitating collaboration and cooperation.”  Yet married same-sex couples can be turned away from having their taxes done with a simple typed document with the words “Homosexual Marriage Not Recognized” used as a sign on the door of a business like Aries Tax Service.

The tax service is run by Ken Randall through his company, The Insurance Store, which has been in business since 1992. After she was recommended to Aries Tax Service for its flat fee of $55 dollars by her mother-in-law, who lives in Hardin County, Amy Mudd from Glasgow, Kentucky set up an appointment with Randall over the phone. 


Mudd and her wife, Stephanie made the drive from Glasgow to Radcliff in a little over an hour, but stopped short of going in the office after they noticed a sign on the window with a list of things Randall would need to file taxes and the last one was the “Homosexual Marriage Not Allowed.” According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, Stephanie took a picture of the sign and the couple left. Mudd said to the Courier Journal:

“We have a wonderful family, and to be shamed because of who I love is awful. It’s 2021 and I’ve never understood why discrimination is a thing. Black, Asian, Muslim, LGBTQ+, etc. We are all human.”

While there are cities like Louisville and Lexington with Fairness Ordinances since 1999 making them among 21 municipalities and counties with LGBTQ protections, Radcliff and Hardin County are not among them. As for the state of Kentucky, there are no laws protecting LGBTQ residents of the state from being refused service.

Randall explained to the Courier Journal about his “moral objections to homosexual marriage.” Randall added:


“I have filed and do file for homosexuals who are single, as I do not ask about sexual preference prior to filing a return. This is legal, as I have already researched this.”

The Fairness Campaign, Kentucky’s nonprofit focused on passing LGBTQ protections in the Bluegrass State, posted to its Twitter account about the incident stating the importance of laws protecting the LGBTQ community.


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  1. What a idiot. As a small business owner all he should care about is if their money is green. Plenty of other people who will gladly accept gay dollars.


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