Kid Fury And Lena Waithe To Produce A Dark HBO Comedy About A Gay Black Man

Lena Waithe (image via Instagram)

Looks like HBO is doubling down on stories about LGBTQ Black people. After HBO darling Issa Rae shared that she’s producing a show about a bisexual Black man, actress Lena Waithe and comedian Kid Fury have announced their own project.

According to Variety, stand-up comedian, podcast host, and former Youtuber Kid Fury, who’s openly gay and born Gregory A. Smith, is working on a yet-to-be-titled dark comedy for the HBO channel.

The series will follow Greg, an acerbic Black gay man in his early 20s. He will be struggling with typical problems at that age while living in New York City as well as dealing with undiagnosed clinical depression.

While Kid Fury has been rising as a comedian through stand-up and online projects, his closest credit towards the television industry was a one-off appearance on Netflix’s “Dear White People” (which has a host of LGBTQ characters).

That said, he’ll have the support of actress and producer Lena Waithe.

We look forward to seeing the finished project!

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