Lady Gaga Shares Heartfelt Moment With Fellow Performer On-Stage

Lady Gaga’s affinity for drag performers dates back to her early days in the downtown clubs of New York City and continues all the way through her appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 where she entered the workroom with the competitors of that season. Recently though, a queen that performed with Mother Monster herself many years ago paid homage to her on-stage during her Las Vegas residency. 


During a recent performance at the Park MGM (where Lady Gaga is currently performing her Lady Gaga Jazz & Piano show), Nicky Monet spoke with Gaga from the front of the stage (dressed in a a stunning recreation of Gaga’s on stage costume, complete with glittering black dress and feather-plumed headdress). Gaga read a letter from Monet that spoke about a show that they had performed together in about thirteen years ago in Tampa, Florida. Despite a crowd that was “not very nice to either of us” (per Monet), Gaga gifted Monet with a signed cd that simply said “Nicky, they will love us one day-you’re a star”. 

Nicky (a burlesque performer who has appeared on shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s and the reality show competition Slag Wars) spoke openly about moments where she has considered taking her own life, and how Gaga’s music & message has “saved her every time”. Monet expressed her gratitude both her gratitude and admiration for “touching her heart when she needed it the most”. Gaga humbly accepted Monet’s sentiments and thanked her by requesting that the crowd give Monet what turned into a roaring standing ovation. Monet expressed her sentiments on Instagram, simply saying “Last night, a dream came true. Thank you @ladygaga for the most amazing night of my life”. 

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