Lance Charger Opens Up About Being an LGBTQ+ Adult Film Star

Lance Charger has never considered pursuing a career in the adult entertainment industry, however, everything changed when the pandemic hit, and he lost his high-profile corporate job.

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To make ends meet during his period of unemployment, Charger decided to post photos on social media, which quickly grew his following. A chance message from a fan, encouraging him to monetize his content, then became his gateway to a successful career in LGBTQ+ porn.


Aside from being a source of income during the pandemic, another positive thing that his adult film career brought upon was a boost in his self-esteem. In an interview with Metro, Charger admitted that he has struggled with issues on “masculinity, virility and sexuality.”

“I would wake up, I’d look in the mirror, I know I had to be on set all day and I’d have a full scale nervous breakdown. And then spend an hour trying to put my face together and de-redden in my eyes and get myself like psyched up to go on set,” he shared.

Thereafter, the adult film star received positive feedback from producers and his followers, which boosted his self-esteem, therefore learning to be kinder to himself.

“And then a couple of months later, I’m laying in bed, and I’m flipping through Twitter, and I see something that catches my eye because it’s hot and I go back, and it’s me. It was those instances that I was like, ‘You’ve you’ve got to calm down, you have to quit being so mean to yourself because you look great there.’ And so when you have a few of those objective moments, I think I just learned to be a little gentler on myself,” he expressed.

Moreover, Charger received a job offer in the beauty world, so he retired as a porn star after two years in the industry. However, he is one of the OnlyFans creators starring in the docuseries ‘Click Boys,’ which is available on the streaming platform WOW Presents Plus.


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