Lesbian Couple Denied Tax Services Due to Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom laws continue to be pervasive throughout the United States as LGBTQ people are consistently and legally discriminated against. One couple in Indiana was recently denied tax preparation services because their new tax preparer believes that same-sex marriage is wrong, and, as such, will not serve married gay couples, according to KokomoTribune.com.

Bailey Brazzel of Russiaville, Indiana has been going to Carver Tax Service for years to get her taxes done and was never given any problems until recently, when the practice hired Nancy Fivecoate as the new owner. Bailey and her wife, Samantha, stepped into the building of Carver Tax Service and were told by Fivecoate that she cannot prepare their taxes, citing religious beliefs as the reason why.

Bailey was taken aback by this and at first didn't think that Fivecoate was serious, but when the tax preparer started talking about the Bible, Brazzel and her wife knew that she was serious.

This was understandably upsetting for the couple, with Bailey in disbelief that something like this could happen to her, saying “You hear about it all the time, but nothing like this has happened to us before."

Fivecoate seems unaffected by this, claiming that she suggested a different practice that may prepare Brazzel's taxes, as well as saying that because she is a Christian, she believes that marriage is between a man and a woman so she won't help a gay couple but is perfectly fine serving single gay people.

Brazzel's father was also upset by this exchange and told Nancy, "That’s flat-out discrimination… I just think it's wrong." 

Unfortunately, many states in this country don't have full protection against discrimination for LGBTQ people and that someone's individual beliefs can overrule another person's existence.

h/t: KokomoTribune.com

4 thoughts on “Lesbian Couple Denied Tax Services Due to Religious Freedom”

  1. another phony “Christian”…

    another phony "Christian"… but she's old and her ways of thinking are dying out. I hope her firm goes out of business. 

  2. My Husband and I are gay, and

    My Husband and I are gay, and Married in my childhood Church, part of Presbyterian Church -USA.  Really?  These businesses should not be allowed to operate a business because they are violating My religious beliefs, to follow Gods Greatest Commandments.  And they are violating Case Law that allows Same Sex Couples to marry..

    Girl’s, call the ACLU, HRC, Southern Poverty Law Center, etc!!!

    boycott this business!!’




    ”love others as you love yourself!

  3. I can understand how

    I can understand how upsetting this is, but we should be happy that these laws are letting people show their true colors.


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