Lesbian Couple to be Featured in Donald Duck Comics After Complaint from Young Girl

10-year-old Fenna, a young girl from the Netherlands, grew up with two mothers and it was just as normal as having a mom and a dad. She is also a huge fan of the Donald Duck comics and noticed that after years of reading them, she did not see one same-sex couple even once. Upset about this, she voiced a complaint and requested that the comics feature same-sex couples. Because of her complaint, for the first time ever, the Donald Duck comics will feature a lesbian couple, according to MSN.

Fenna spoke to Dutch broadcaster NOSs Youth News show and said “My parents are gay and lesbian and I think it’s important that that’s just as normal” and that in Duck City there are only heterosexual couples, as if gay couples don’t exist. She suggested that they add same-sex couples in the background because there are many straight couples in the background so it stands to reason that gay couples should also be present. I agree with this, as I am very aware of heteronormativity around the world and how harmful it can be. Fenna sees her family as a normal family like anyone else and she wishes to have that reflected in literature.

Joan Lommen, the editor-in-chief of the Donald Duck comics agrees with Fenna and promised to include a same-sex couple in future issues of the comic.

And, in fact, this has already been set in motion. A panel in an upcoming issue featured a straight couple, but has since been altered to feature two women.

It’s nice to see that Disney is moving towards being more inclusive, with a character in the show Andi Mack coming out as gay, altering comics to feature a gay couple, and even them including a gay character in the upcoming Disney movie The Jungle Cruise. There is definite progress being made within Disney, but there is also more to do to show that LGBTQ people are people like anyone else.

h/t: MSN


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