Less Is More, But Does James Corden Know That?

Happy Birthday to Tony and Emmy award winning actor and talk show host James Corden! As an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, Corden is definitely worthy of a birthday shoutout. But I’m not so sure that everyone would take the time out to personally wish the 43 year old entertainment veteran another delightful trip around the sun. In some recent criticism for some of Corden’s latest projects, it seems like some in the community may need a break from him.

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Since Corden is definitely someone that likes to spread love and positivity, we’re going to start with all of the positive things about the Birthday Boy! He acts, he sings, he’s a comedian and he’s the host of The Late Late Show with James Corden. But what makes him worthy of a mention on Instinct is that he’s an ally to the community! Let’s take a look at some of Corden’s most epic moments where he has lent his support and platform to the community.


James Singing for Transgender Troops in protest of Trump’s proposed ban on Trans troops serving in the Military

Opening the the 2016 Tony Awards with a Tribute to the Orlando Massacre


Broadway Karaoke featuring Billy Porter at the 2019 Tony Awards


But, you can’t be perfect all the time. Corden has received some backlash and criticism for a few select roles that he decided to step into.


Corden received widespread backlash for his role as Barry Glickman in Netflix’s The Prom. Despite being cast by an openly gay man (Ryan Murphy), critics slammed Corden saying his performance was “aggressively flamboyant”, “homophobic”, “stereotypical” and “grossly inappropriate”. Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair says that Corden should’ve been banned from The Prom. And of course Twitter wasn’t going to leave all the fun to the professionals. Users definitely chimed in on condemning Corden’s performance as well. Despite all of the backlash, Corden was still nominated for a Golden Globe award for the controversial role – which was also met with criticism.


Now when it comes to the disastrous 2019 musical film Cats – Corden can’t be left hung out to dry alone. Because everyone that agreed to this production should be condemned. The movie received negative reviews from just about anyone who discussed it. From horrible CGI effects to a very confusing plot – every major outlet gave unfavorable reviews. Honestly, this was the one time that I was ever jealous of Stevie Wonder. Variety said that this musical adaptation of Cats is a tail better left untold. I personally couldn’t agree more.

But most recently, one TikTok user may be serving as a voice for the people – as he called Corden out for signing up for yet another musical! Broadway Bob as he is known on TikTok, seemed a tad bit annoyed at Corden being cast in the latest remake of Cinderella – starring Billy Porter, Camila Cabelo and (yup, you guessed it) James Corden! The reviews aren’t out just yet, but it seems like Broadway Bob is not here for it! Check out his thoughts on the aforementioned below.


#idinamenzel #billyporter #camilacabello

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It seems like James Corden likes to immerse himself with anything that has musical notes and a camera involved with it. But does that make him a bad person? Personally, I don’t think so. But he does host and appear in just about everything and maybe people are getting a bit burned out from him? You know, the word “no”, is an option James. But despite Corden being booked and busy, we can’t take away from his support of the community… so once again, Happy Birthday James Corden. Here’s a birthday kiss from Harry!



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  1. I have seen the trailer for Cinderella and it looks as bad as Cat’s and of course Corden is in it. This looks actually embarrassing. Hollywood needs to send that fat f_ck Corden packing and on the first boat across the Atlantic. Iceberg anyone???

  2. I am so sick of him and his carpool karaoke. Maybe with any luck his door will accidentally open and he will get ejected. The more you know!

  3. Fuck, James Corden. If you want to guarantee that your movie will flop, hire this fat arrogant fuck. EVERY movie he has been in turned into a flop. He is box office poison and a complete total price. Ask anyone that has worked with him, they despise him!!!


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