LGBT Brazilians Won’t Stand for Bolsonaro’s Intolerance

It has been written on Instinct and on other platforms that the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro is a homophobe (and proud of it) whose influence perpetuates hatred towards LGBTQ people. However, Brazilian politicians are no longer standing for it and are preparing to retaliate against his regressive policies, according to Openly News.

One politician who will fight against Bolsonaro's policies is David Miranda, an openly gay man who replaced Jean Wyllys as Federal Deputy after he fled the country after he received multiple death threats. Miranda is determined to fight for LGBTQ rights in Brazil after Bolsonaro's election, saying "I felt like this was a big blow for democracy… but at the same time, I know the work that I'm going to do… and that makes me eager to fight for my country." 

Miranda is far from the only person who feels that way. There is an increasing number of liberal-minded, tolerant people with some holding seats in the Brazilian government. People like Marcelo Calero, the third openly gay man to be elected to Brazil's lower House of Parliament and Fabiano Contarato, Brazil's first openly gay senator are among others who are willing to lead a "revolution" against Bolsonaro. 

Erica Malunguinho, a transgender deputy in Sao Paulo, commented that because the president is so bigoted that "It's become even more important…to be a guiding force in guaranteeing our rights." Miranda has said that while he is afraid for the future of LGBTQ rights in Brazil, he needs to tackle such issues with courage in order to ensure that there is no regression, only progression. He also wants to open an LGBTQ center in Rio de Janeiro and is optimistic that he will be able to gather the necessary support. 

While Brazil may have a homophobic president that can create problems for LGBTQ Brazilians, it seems that many people, politicians both governmental and local, are willing to fight for what's right and oppose any legislation that actively harms marginalized groups. 

h/t: Openly News

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