LGBT Police Group Turns Down Grand Marshal Honor For Philly Pride Parade. What???

Read this story from and let it sink in.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – A group representing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender police officers has declined to serve as grand marshals of Philadelphia's LGBT Pride parade.

The group that runs the June 12 parade, Philly Pride, had asked the Greater Philadelphia Gay Officer Action League serve as grand marshals.

But a petition was started opposing the honor. Those opposed to the police group being grand marshals say the parade grew out of riots against police.

The gay officers group has since declined the honor to avoid controversy.

Member of Philly Pride say they "applaud the actions of Philly GOAL because this certainly avoided the tumult that would have resulted by the threatened actions to 'shut down' the 2016 parade.

The Liberty City Democrats and ACT-Up Philadelphia had opposed the move. –

So I'm a little confused.  Usually the honor of Grand Marshal goes to someone that has faced adversity, represented us well, and supported our community.  Someone whom has gone above and beyond and broken down barriers.  Someone whom has taken the place of another that may have held us back before. Someone that shows the greater community how far our smaller community has come. 

We recognize LGBT politicians that now assist to make laws to support us where previous politicians made us illegal, insane, and criminal.  We recognize athletes that brake through the rainbow barriers on the fields, tracks, and diving boards, showing those that thought we were inferior we truly are not.  We even recognize religious leaders that have welcomed the LGBT community into their churches and congregations when others shun us and barricade their hearts. 

I applaud Philly Pride organizers for offering the Grand Marshal honor to the LGBT Police Officers.  I as well applaud the LGBT Police Officers for realizing that their presence may cause turmoil and instead rescinded the invitation.  Keeping the peace once again.  Classy.

When someone created the petition to remove an LGBT police group from being the Grand Marshal, that was a slap in the face of progress. Too much of a reminder of the Stonewall Riots against the police?  HEEEEELLLOOOOOO!!!!!!  How much of a victory would it have been to show we have representation within THE group that shunned us, beat us, washed our heads in mop buckets at Stonewall where all of this P.R.I.D.E. started.  In my eyes, you lost out Philly Pride due to some very narrow minded individuals.  You lost out on making one of the more powerful statements in Pride Parade history.  The only thing bigger this year would be the chance to elect a Transgender Governor of North Carolina, but using the same logic, that person couldn't be Grand Marshal either.




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  1. ok, so why didn’t the Pilly

    ok, so why didn't the Pilly gay groups rise up and request the police take the Grand Marshal position??


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