24 LGBTQ Athletes Won Medals At The Tokyo Olympics

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LGBTQ athletes are racking up medals!

2021 is a momentous year for LGBTQ athletes. At least 186 openly LGBTQ athletes are taking part in this Summer Olympics. And while there has been some controversy around athletes being outed over Grindr, the summer’s festivities have mostly been a huge success for queer representation and participation.


In fact, we currently have 24 openly LGBTQ athletes who have won at least one medal in Tokyo, Japan! To keep you in the loop, here’s a list of their names and achievements.

Gold Medals

Tom Daley

Tom Daley took home the gold medal for Team Great Britain. He did so for the men’s synchronized 10m platform diving event with his partner Matty Lee.


Amandine Buchard

The French judo star got the gold in the mixed team category. This wasn’t her only medal, however. You’ll find her again further down this list.


Emma Twigg

Competing for Team New Zealand, Emma Twigg won her first Olympic medal for rowing. This was her fourth Olympics and her first time back since retiring.

Yulimar Rojas


From Team Venezuela, Yulimar Rojas won gold in the track and field triple jump competition. He also broke a 26-year-old world record while doing it.

Kelly Brazier, Gayle Broughton, Ruby Tui, and Portia Woodman

These LGBTQ members of New Zealand’s rugby team won gold alongside their other teammates.


Stefanie Dolson

Stefanie Dolson was definitely the MVP of this gold-winning 3×3 basketball game. After all, she scored all the points!


Silver Medals

Amandine Buchard

As earlier stated, Amandine Buchard won two medals at the Olympics this year. Her silver medal was in the judo 52kg category.

Erica Sullivan


Swimmer Erica Sullivan won silver in the 1500-meter freestyle. Good for her!

Raven Saunders

Saunders represented Team USA well by winning the silver in track and field’s shot put category.


Katarzyna Zillmann

Polish rower Katarzyna Zillmann not only won silver for quad sculls but also came out moments after the victory. That counts as two wins in our book.


Hannah Roberts

For Team USA, Hanna Roberts won silver in the BMX freestyle.

Astrid Guyart


Representing Team France, fencing star Astrid Guyart won the silver in women’s team foil.

Ally Carda, Amanda Chidester, Haylie McCleney

These Team USA members won the silver medal in softball.


Bronze Medals

Raz Hershko

Amandine Buchard wasn’t the only LGBTQ winner for judo. Team Israel’s Hershko also received a medal, bronze, in the mixed team category.


Jasmin Grabowski

Buchard and Hershko were not alone, however, as Jasmin Grabowski joined them as an LGBTQ athlete winning a medal in judo. This time, Grabowski won bronze for the mixed team category. She made Team Germany proud.

Sanne van Dijke


Competing for the Netherlands, Sanne van Dijke is the last judo winner on our list. Sanne van Dijke won in the women’s 70kg category.

Carl Hester

Carl Hester won the bronze medal for the team dressage for Team Great Britain.


Lucilla Boari

Italian archer Lucilla Boari was won an individual bronze medal in the sport. She was then surprised by Italy House which congratulated her with a message from her girlfriend.


Larissa Franklin and Joey Lye

Playing for Team Canada, these athletes won bronze with the rest of their softball team.


LGBTQ Olympians

Congratulations to all the winners! Hopefully, more LGBTQ athletes will join this list in the coming days.

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