Here Are The Best LGBTQ-Friendly Colleges & Universities of 2020

Credit: Gustavo Fring/Pexels

Choosing where to go for college can be tough for any high school senior as there are a myriad of determining factors that you have to consider. Does it have a good reputation? Is the surrounding area nice? Great faculty? Nice dorms? The list goes on and on. 

For LGBTQ students its even harder as you want to make sure you pick a place where you feel welcomed based on your sexuality. Rampant homophobia still does exist in our country, unfortunately, so this is a key decision in order to get the most out of your college years while behaving as your true self.


Campus Pride, the leading national educational organization for LGBTQ and ally college students, is here to help in your selection process. They have narrowed down what are the best of the best when it comes to colleges and universities that are the most LGBTQ-friendly.

The announcement features forty campuses from six regions of the country who are deeply committed to LGBTQ students and who rate the highest for LGBTQ-inclusion in policy, program and practice.


“On behalf of Campus Pride, I want to commend all the campuses featured among the 2020 ‘BEST OF THE BEST’ LGBTQ-friendly colleges and universities for their exemplary commitment and work to make their campuses safer and more welcoming,” said Tom Elliott, Campus Pride Board Chair. “In times like these, we need to commit to creating safe and welcoming spaces for all students.”  

For nearly two decades, Campus Pride has advocated and supported college and university campuses to improve LGBTQ campus life and change institutional policies, programs and practices. The Campus Pride Index (CPI), located at, provides an invaluable benchmarking tool to assess LGBTQ-inclusion efforts from academics, to student life, to housing, to recruitment and retention activities. There are nearly 400 colleges who have “come out” on the index and hundreds of thousands who utilize the public search to find LGBTQ-friendly colleges and universities annually.


“Today college campuses must ‘come out’ and be visible as LGBTQ-friendly. Students expect inclusive, equitable learning environments at colleges in all regions of the country. And as a basic standard, they demand campuses have LGBTQ-inclusive policies, programs and services,” said Shane Windmeyer, Executive Director, Campus Pride. “These forty campuses, across six diverse regions, are leading the charge.”

This year Campus Pride chose to put a spotlight on the regional diversity of the list by highlighting colleges and universities by region. Campus Pride works with over 1400 colleges and universities annually to improve the quality of campus life for LGBTQ people and to create safer, more inclusive campus communities. Sixty percent of their work is dedicated to working with colleges in the South, Midwest and campuses within more rural communities. 

The 2020 BEST OF THE BEST College & University listing is based on the data provided annually through the CPI related to policies, programs and practice. The research is analyzed by the Campus Pride research team using the proven CPI LGBTQ-Friendly factors and knowledge of the LGBTQ higher education landscape. 

So without further ado here is the all important list to peruse!


2020 Best of the Best LGBTQ-Friendly Colleges & Universities 

(listed by region, not in particular order):


Mid-Atlantic Region

Ithaca College

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick

University of Maryland, College Park


Lehigh University

Montclair State University

The Pennsylvania State University

University of Pennsylvania


Princeton University



Kansas State University

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Indiana University, Bloomington

University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire


University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

University of Wisconsin – Green Bay

The Ohio State University

Kenyon College


Kent State University

Augsburg College

Macalester College

Purdue University


University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

New England


Tufts University

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

University of Vermont




Guilford College


Northern Kentucky University

Elon University

University of Kentucky

University of Louisville



University of Texas at Dallas


Texas Tech University



University of Washington

University of Oregon

Portland State University

University of Colorado at Boulder


Southern Oregon University

San Diego State University

Washington State University

Harvey Mudd College